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The brutal arrest of an Iranian girl by the moral police of the Islamic Republic of Iran

  For more than four decades, the country of Iran has been under the rule of the religious mafia dictatorship of the Islamic Republic, and the people of Iran, who are hostages of this regime.

The people of Iran have been fighting for years to have the minimum freedom and human rights that are a part of everyday and normal life for the people of the world, and it is vital to support them in this struggle when they move towards a more democratic society.

In this short post, we will explore ways to support the Iranian people in their struggle for freedom, justice and human rights.

1. Learn about the history of Iran, the roots of the Islamic Republic, and human rights violations under this dictatorship.  Try to follow Iran's daily news through reliable sources, and stay informed about the struggles of the Iranian people and repost them for more public awareness.

2. Social media has been a powerful tool for advocating human rights in Iran, but it has been heavily restricted and practically blocked by the Islamic Republic government's control. Nevertheless, Iranian citizens still strive to make their voices heard by the world. By using hashtags like #NationwideProtests, #FreeIran, #HumanRights, and #RegimeChangeIran, you can raise awareness about the situation in Iran and show support for the protesters. You can also share news, photos, and videos of the protests to help amplify their voices and expose the regime's violent crackdown on peaceful demonstrations.

3. You can sign online petitions and join global campaigns calling for the release of political prisoners, an end to torture and harsh punishments for peaceful demonstrations. You can also give financial aid to human rights organizations that work to promote democracy and human rights in Iran, but you must remember that many human rights activists outside Iran are supported by the Islamic Republic in identifying opposition or filing cases for Iranian citizens. work! So do your research before any help.

Images of the Islamic Republic of Iran forces firing live bullets at people protesting the government in the street

4.  Support for Iranian Immigrants Many Iranians who have fled their country and are living in exile work tirelessly to support their compatriots who are still living under the rule of the regime.  You can support Iranian immigrants by attending their public events and raising awareness about their activities.  You can also support their work by donating money or volunteering to help.

5.  Contacting the responsible authorities of your country is one of the most effective ways to support the people of Iran.  This includes writing letters to representatives, senators, and members of Congress, as well as contacting the State Department.  You can demand that your government take a stand against the Iranian regime's human rights abuses, and push for sanctions against Iran's leaders until citizens' basic rights are respected.

  Iranian people have been demonstrating for freedom and justice for years, but their voices are censored, so they need the support of people all over the world.  Remember that your voice can make a difference, so use it to support the brave men and women fighting for the right to live in a free and democratic society.




Text translated from Persian to English, I am publishing for the second time, while the previous post was deleted as a violation of the rules!! Reason: using AI for translation!

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Why does the world not care?
Why does the world not care?

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