Crypto is Chess not Checkers


Throughout life, one hears sayings, quotes, words of knowledge, and/or pearls of wisdom, to help them along their journey through life. For me, it was my father forcing me to learn to play chess at six-ish close to seven. I can remember him beating me for 3 straight years no wins all losses (talk about crushing feelings, self-esteem, and pride, all the things our kids today wouldn't be able to handle lol,  but that is a story for a different day). He had this saying that I thought was irrelevant at the time personally annoying. I know now what he meant and it has guided me in different areas of my life, and to this day I still hear his voice. He would say almost every game "son chess is for the elite and checkers is for everyone else." At the time I thought he was only talking about chess, later I realized it was a metaphor for people's approach to learning. Some will take the time to learn, study, analyze, and adapt, while others rather not take the time and just jump around cluelessly.

Well, that is what the evolution of money is going through. Crypto is chess it's all about analyzing, studying, learning, and adapting, most of us are doing one of these four if not all of these things when using crypto. Trying to explain how to move money from one platform to another to a nonuser is like listening to a Russian doctor (you don't speak nor understand the language) tell you your results. Or after you explain, they now want to invest, get the.... what do you think I should purchase question, then I have to go through a disclaimer explaining there are different type of crypto users:  There's the

Investor- in it for the money.

Hodler-in it to hold as much crypto, not caring about the price going up or down because they know the value will far supersede the highs we've seen to date. 

Artist - in it for the freedom of expression and be appreciated in that community while getting compensated. 

Gamer - completely different experience some games you earn tokens for playing( try explaining this to the console players lol I kid...), side note: one of the most exciting projects (to me) is Sandbox, maybe not now but the evolution of the possibilities it could and will become, imagine the Sandbox will be like "Ready Player One"  in the sense of going VR and being part of such a massive map, being able to go to art galleries on landowners property then traveling to go play games from Atari land, then hang out with some Care Bears, and I don't even play games. 

Domain Developers- in it to disrupt the internet as we know it, but it's too early to tell. The potential of web3 and all that it will bring to the future is unlimited especially if the government decides to just turn off the internet by censoring the central servers. However, this is way beyond explaining to the Robbing the Hood investor, they are just happy they invested ( not your keys, not your crypto rule). 

There are a lot more other categories I have missed and won't go deeper, because by this point you probably realized you lost them at investor.  Needless to say crypto is complicated, navigating from one platform to another grasping and experiencing defi, farming, horse racing, and where to go etc. can seem overwhelming or hard to keep up with, even to those of us that are not new. Good news!!!! there are plenty of projects out there trying to help dumb down the experience, make it easier and more user-friendly like Pundi X,, and many others.  In the very near future blockchain tech and ipfs will infiltrate our lives like the internet did, as we now know it, use it, and can't live without it, to all of us oh so many yeas ago.  Bottom line is let them keep playing checkers, no need trying to explain, convince, or argue about the future or evolution of money. Us chess players are just getting into the right position, patiently waiting to execute the reason why we were in that position all along to have your final say "checkmate" ( I tried to tell you) moment. 

Then after all that, go back to the original question and say "it depends on what you want to do". 


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Why Crypto Isn't Dumb Enough Yet
Why Crypto Isn't Dumb Enough Yet

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