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Why Blame God for Stupid People?


I am not foolish enough to think I understand everything about the world or of God. I'm just someone who likes to make people think from different perspectives. Take what you will and do with it what you will.

How many times have you complained to God or blamed Him about the evils of this world?

Maybe it is worse than that; people have hurt you so bad that you don't even believe in God?

It's so easy to just shake your fist at heaven, or even close your eyes to the possibility that God exists because of a series of unfortunate events. Who can blame them? The people are actually there! If they are made in God's image, it makes sense to believe that God, Himself, is the jerk of jerks. 

It doesn't matter whether you believe in God or not. If we blame the Creator because people have been jerks or worse, you can find yourselves passing the buck. People do dumb, cruel, and evil things. 

For Christians or Worshipers of a Creative Deity

Please note that due to my Christian background, I identify with Jesus and Yahweh, therefore address God as Him. I do recognize his female aspects in the Holy Spirit part of the Trinity.

The only thing you can blame God for is giving creation free will. It is insane to have an issue with that because it's your will to curse the Creator in the first place! You call Him your God and worthy of worship, then turn around and say "GD" when something doesn't go your way. It's cool, we have all been there. It's just that when you make a habit of trying to tell God what to do to something when it's not in His interests, you leave little room for Him to bless you because you keep cursing things. Remember how energy works; every action has an equal and opposite reaction. When you give curses, you get blessings taken away. That is the nature of sin.

It is true that you should go to Him when you are facing troubles, but blaming Him for things that happen isn't the way to go. Instead of any blame, stop, try and figure out why something went wrong, and try and fix it or your reaction to it. Try to remember that "faith without works is dead". It's nice to pray about something, but praying for the demise of the guy that cut you off in traffic is not how it works. Imagine that you are in a calamity with a real jerk. It can be a co-worker, a family member, whatever problems may arise. Maybe they are doing better than you even though they are being a toxic mess. This is not God's fault. This is also no test of His. It is an opportunity presenting itself to treat others as you would have them treat you.

Yes, even when they are not treating you the way you want to be treated.

This is also not a "please walk over me" opportunity. Some people change with a little bit of kindness. You also need to remember that it is "slow to anger", not "no anger". There is a good reason why Jesus said 70 x 7 and not an infinite number of punches on your forgiveness card. If they actually use up those opportunities, they are being toxic for your entire community. Deal with the situation as well as praying for them. God smiles on those who work on things.

For those who have different beliefs, at least be mindful of the power of karma and energy exchange.

What you put out is what you get back.

For Atheists

There are laid back Atheists and the crusaders who want to abolish all deity and religion. Likewise, there are laid back monotheists, and the crusaders who want to assimilate all sentient life in the name of the Kingdom of God. To be frank, there is no real difference between the two other than believe in absence instead of presence. The problem is when you say that you don't need God or religion to be moral and you refuse to be moral yourself. This goes both ways, because it could be the evil of other people that convinces people that no God exists. They turn to science when there is no other facts to satisfy themselves. 

Some Atheists like to use the "Crusade" card to show how religion is evil. 

Yes, religion can be evil. It is a man made construct vain enough to believe that it can figure out God. Being a man made construct, it is a system that can be used for evil or for good by people, not God. Everyone wonders why God would allow wars and crusades to happen. Think about this; do you think that Jesus has forgotten the Crusades too? Even if you don't believe in Him, that should be the very reason why you don't blame Him for anything. If you base your opinion on the actions of finite creatures, how can that be the fault of God when you don't even believe in His existence?  

To answer the ultimate question of why God allows evil. Look at every action from an energy perspective. Every action causes an equal and opposite reaction. That is one of the rules this universe has. Wouldn't you think that would allow God to limit His intervention to a minimum since He has placed Himself under those laws? 

Whatever route you have taken, just realize that free will exists. It's like blaming video games for people who start shooting at people. It's what you do with those video games and where you take your mind. The same thing applies to religion. While it may seem a sane solution to ban certain things so they don't get access to it, the problem lies in the person.

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Sarah Whitaker
Sarah Whitaker

From American Idol, to the Professional Wrestling Industry, I am an eccentric adventurer hoping to change reality between my spiritual views, and my knack for solving problems.

Rethinking Theology in the 21st Century
Rethinking Theology in the 21st Century

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