Energy and Symbolism

In my last article I explained the nature of Energy in Science and Spiritualism and what they mean to people.

This is a continuation of that article, explaining the power of symbolism and why symbols are so powerful as well as dangerous if used without care.

Logos, symbols, they are all important. They define products, people, ideals, and mixing purposes with those symbols can actually bring nasty energy backlash.

The Ichthys, better known as the "Jesus Fish" is plastered all over Christian cars and other necklaces and "Christ Gear" known across the world. What the ancient Christians didn't know is that it was already reserved as a symbol for a vagina. Fish and the vagina were used one in the same. Whether or not the early Christians thought it would be clever to make people think they were going to a brothel and preaching the Word instead was a sneaky way to get converts is besides the point. 

What eventually happened to the Church? It prostituted itself for powers in government. That energy from it being a sign of fertility outside of God transcended itself. Think about it, how much did you spend for that t-shirt with the fish? How much did it cost you to put that thing on your car? How many preachers are using it as a method of income instead of salvation? 

Behold the whore of Babylon and the second beast!

Now what about the cross? Remember that is was nothing more than a method of execution to the Romans. It had no power of Resurrection until Jesus died on it. Pay attention to history. What insignia had been emblazoned on the Crusaders of ancient times? It wasn't the same cross, but they made it to the cross. The sign of Resurrection and love for Christ became a banner of blood. Why is this?

It was an execution object before Christ. That cross has slain as many people as it has saved.

Is it completely wrong as the Ichthys? No, because you need death to have a rebirth. This is why I accept the Celtic Cross. The Celtic Cross were used for shields. When vines grow over a Cross, it means that it has not been used and it has been returned to the earth. To me, it is a combined symbol of death and rebirth. I despise it when people leave the corpse on a crucifix. The corpse wasn't important and it celebrates Christ's death far more than His Resurrection. 

Let's go to something secular. The swastika. 

As much as I hate to say it, the wisdom in making this symbol a key insignia for a regime was beneficial. For over 10,000 years prior to it's use in Germany, it was a symbol of luck and fortune. To corrupt such an insignia with war and militarism is the exact same thing Constantine did at the Council of Nicea with the Cross, making it a symbol of the state as well as God. Humanity recognized the insignia for generations upon generations before the Cross, and see what kind of damage that symbol has done! Why do you think the Nazi ideology survived World War II? It wasn't the fault of the Nazi's. It's humanity (both for and against) who damned that symbol of protection to become a symbol of evil. The power of its luck and protection hasn't left it's origins of thousands of years. It's going to take humanity to kill the swastika and erase it from history. Otherwise, it's fortune will keep those weeds growing.  

Why is this important now?

It's the main reason that we have to get rid of the confederate flag. The traces of that energy need to be destroyed to stop racism. Even if it was a part of Southern History, people are still using it today. It's not a form of rebellion. It is society dictating it as a symbolism towards people who fought for slavery. You can't call it the Rebel Flag when it was used to enslave others! That contradictory statement makes its energy mixed and volatile.

Should the Cross meet the fate of the Confederate flag?

Depends on the cross. Crusader cross, yes. The Crucifix, yes. An empty cross can still be used as a symbol of resurrection after death. I personally use the trinity knot (also known as the triquetra) in my worship of Christ. In it's early years, it was a symbol put on coins. It later became a symbol of the Trinity in early Celtic Conversion, but it was never a symbol used for war. Because it was on coins, I can see it more as a treasure. Something I keep close to me.

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing" - John 15:5

I connect with Jesus more with live trees than with dead ones. I see the importance of His death. He had to die to rise again. He is risen, though! Trees stick around much longer than crosses!

Many people consider me a witch because I use more primal symbols to connect me to Jesus. I prefer the term mystic, since the Bible's definition of "witch" and the mainstream one are two different things. A witch is a poisoner in the Bible. Black magic. Gossip is considered witchcraft as well. The Christian definition of witchcraft would be black magic to the mainstream. When Jesus can curse a fig tree and have it bear no fruit, one can wonder what the limits are on going on the offensive. 

I'm here to study the spiritual from both sides and see what puzzle pieces fit where. When I understand how energy works, I see God in science even more than I had. It sets me free that I am finally a big girl and can search for answers and questions on my own. 

I will never set foot in a Church again unless it is to help for an event that does what Jesus commanded, not for the exhortation of the Church and pastors.

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Sarah Whitaker
Sarah Whitaker

From American Idol, to the Professional Wrestling Industry, I am an eccentric adventurer hoping to change reality between my spiritual views, and my knack for solving problems.

Rethinking Theology in the 21st Century
Rethinking Theology in the 21st Century

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