Energy Exchange: Both in Science and the Spiritual

I come with a Christian understanding of God and Jesus. I believe that He has multiple parts, and Jesus died and rose again to show me the path to the Kingdom of God.

Whether or not it happened precisely as man wrote it in the Bible, I leave that up to speculation. Considering the editing which has been done to it over the centuries, anyone who says God can fit in a single book is foolish. I do believe that the Word of God was in there, but with all of these revisions and re-wordings to fit a modern audience, I refuse to be naive enough to believe it unconditionally with all of these revisions.

Why so, you ask?

I have a lot of friends that do what they call "Lightwork". Mainstream Christianity would call them sorcerers,  but if you have been in the Pentacostal/Evangelical faith who believes in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, they do the exact same technique under different names. What differs is the source of their energy control, and whose rule they claim to surrender to.

The problem with the Church is that it never questions how prayer works other than 'have faith and don't question things'. I find this to be a grievous error. Humanity will one day realize that the term "supernatural" will cease to exist because of the science we have yet to uncover with how God made this universe. The supernatural will become natural.

We have limited brains, but multiple generations to figure things out. If God is God, He walks alongside of science. 

In this respect, the study of energy is paramount to understanding why Jesus did what He did. 

Let us begin with the basics of energy. The 1st Law of Thermodynamics states that energy can not be created or destroyed, only changed. For every action, there is an equal, yet opposite, reaction. There is also the law that energy and matter are interchangeable. Also that opposites attract and likes repel.

When even behavior and choice are outputting energy, a lot of what Jesus preaches makes sense! If you stay genuinely humble even in times when you should be proud, it will attract more opportunities for you to be proud. This is why you take the lesser seat at the banquet. 

Let is look at the Lightworking community now. There is a concept called "energy exchange". Some call this 'karma' Christian's will recognize it as "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". If there is one thing I know about God in my spiritual journey is that He is a God who loves irony.

Now, for the Christians in the audience, imagine what Christ did. He became a human to create a loophole because He was connected to an infinite source of energy as God. To kill him in the most spectacular fashion and let people know about how to live their lives allowed others to also access that infinite energy and lack the need to sacrifice animals. 

Here's the problem; what happened when God created the most selfless sacrifice in order to make a path to heaven? The priests repaired the veil in the synagogue and set out to kill all of His apostles. When mankind got together to figure out what was God and what wasn't, they kind of had to edit things themselves, similar to how they drew lots to figure out who would replace Judas. Then the Emperor Constantine made it government law that everyone had to follow Christianity.

That's right. The word of God was followed because man said so, not because they loved God.

... and we are still in that venomous cycle with almost every denomination on earth.

In the next article, I'll go over how energy reflects in symbolism and why it was a really bad idea to use the Ichthys (Jesus Fish) as a Christian symbol.



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Sarah Whitaker
Sarah Whitaker

From American Idol, to the Professional Wrestling Industry, I am an eccentric adventurer hoping to change reality between my spiritual views, and my knack for solving problems.

Rethinking Theology in the 21st Century
Rethinking Theology in the 21st Century

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