Why Bitcoin? Part V (21-25)

By MakisWarrior | Why Bitcoin? | 10 Nov 2022

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Why ₿itcoin?

21) Because quite possibly:
The sum of the speed of all major altcoins and all fiat*(with Visa, Mastercard, etc) put together, does not come close to the speed of Bitcoin(with Lightning Network)! The sum of the decentralization of all 20,000+ altcoins and all fiat* put together, does not come close to the decentralization of Bitcoin! And the sum of the power(security) of all 20,000+ altcoins and all fiat* put together, does not come close to the power of Bitcoin!
*fiat = central bank currencies, such as the dollar.

22) Because it is immortal. It's easier for an asteroid to hit Earth than for it to die right now. The only way to die in the distant future is to become obsolete as a technology. And when that happens it won't matter because according to Bashar and Ryo* it would mean the abolition of all money, and the new currency would become Synchronicity(which some of us already use it, in an increasing degree).
*Bashar channeled by Darryl Anka and Ryo channeled by Tyler Ellison.

23) Because Bitcoin won't be adopted like the iphone because it's cool. Bitcoin will be adopted like gunpowder: if you don't own it you will be its victim.

24) Because Ethereum/etc chose the easy path of fraud. If Ethereum/etc wanted to have a basic decentralization at their core they would have it. Also if they wanted to co-exist and support each other with Bitcoin(which is fully decentralized), they would use it as a currency or have themselves being built on top of it in additional layers - not encourage every scammer and every company to create their own pump & dump centralized token and unregistered security (which in essence not only their tokens but also Ethereum/etc themselves are also unregistered centralized securities). There would be even more interesting applications than what they have now. There might not have been as many in number and features, but they would be much more integral - that is, secure and decentralized. The real interest lies in security and decentralization.

25) Because ooba dooba with simple math:
Dollars = your money / ∞
Bitcoin = your money / 21,000,000

Clarification - Free will is our birthright. Therefore I respect all choices - even if they are contrary to what I believe to be positive.

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I extend to each and every one of you my deepest appreciation and unconditional love for giving me the great gift of sharing this message with you. I bid you a fun, creative, exciting, passionate and active good day.

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Hi! I am Makis, 34 and live in Greece. Here in Greece many have been struck by economical crisis after economical crisis for many years. For many years, me and my girlfriend live separately, each with their parents. We do not have a house and cannot afford a rented place, as our jobs are not going well, prices in Greece are too expensive and our income wages are too low. I work from 9 years old (25 years), 360 days per year, but no decent improvement has been made.

I first heard about Bitcoin's existence in 2015, but in 2021 I finally learnt what it really is, what is money, inflation, etc. - ultimately learning about why 99% of the people are getting impoverished by the 1%.

My highest calling is to surf regularly! But here where I live we have surfable conditions for only about 10-20 times per year.

My goal is to gather enough resources to fulfill my dream of going to Bali with my girlfriend and staying there. In Bali there is consistent and better surf and the prices in everything are lower than Greece's. So it is easier to make a fresh start there, if you have already collected enough money here.

Here in Greece many local and foreign residents are difficult to cooperate. They disobey the laws by throwing trash in nature, abusing and abandoning pets, smoking in closed spaces, not respecting others privacy by having loud music of terrible quality, etc. Also police is non-existent here to help us in most of these matters. Overall the average vibe of many people here, are lower than those living in Bali.

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Why Bitcoin?
Why Bitcoin?

#Bitcoin = The ultimate asset and the most misunderstood! But why?

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