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By Crypto_Noob | Why Binance | 14 Sep 2020

Hi guys this post will be specifically for those new users who installed brave browser yet don't know the benefit why we are using brave therefor if you knew how brave works and why we are using brave you can skip this post and find a good one but you can bookmark my post so if you have referred someone and tired of telling what the benefits of using brave or how can they enable brave rewards and sync it to all of his/her device you can just give this link to them.

Before I will gonna give Why brave, What's wrong with the other browser?

Brave "As a user, access to your web activity and data is sold to the highest bidder. Internet giants grow rich, while publishers go out of business. And the entire system is rife with ad fraud."

The statement above is according to brave and I think most techy people agree and actually most tech giants create money of its own user by saving their online activity. 

So Why brave? Because you as a user deserve a better browser, Brave browser is fast, block harmful ads, enhance security and privacy by blocking trackers, didn't save your internet cookies to sell to the highest bidder, and gives back to its user by earning in ads. Now any of the other browsers offer this? Absolutely none.

How can you enable brave rewards? Just follow this very simple steps assuming that you already installed brave browser and if you don't have you can use mine here

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As you can see image above this is how brave protected me from malicious ads, malicious ads will appear when users enter into malicious sites, the bandwidth I save which will be used to load those malicious ads may it be a form of an image. You know that thing called Steganography the art of hiding or concealing data into image or video that makes a site harmful to your device and also it comes with many techniques putting another layer of security is good practice. How many minutes I save to loads those malicious ads its 38 minutes. In a country, the internet is slow blocking those ads are very helpful and last How many BAT- Basic Attention Token I earned while just using the brave browser.

Again! is there any browser that will gonna protect its own user and gives back to its own user? Absolute none, As of now other than the Brave browser.

To enable Brave Rewards as you can see in the image above I mark it with a blue pen in the top right corner press it. After you press its image below will appear.

No description available.

Press the reward settings you will be redirected to another tab.

You will be redirected to this tab below image. I marked it with blue and red so it will be easier for you to identify those settings.

No description available.

Off the Auto-Contribute button so that those BAT token that you earned will not auto-contribute monthly and will keep to yours. Select the brave rewards and hover the mouse or point it to the above red pen symbol Ads Setting will appear and select it now select the most ads will appear per hour and select the x symbol. Now the setup to earn BAT - Basic Attention token is finished.

Brave rewards are now available to all devices such as desktop, laptop, and smartphone and the brave browser also available to many OS such as Mac, Windows, and Android.

Now as a user you like to sync those devices How you will gonna synced these devices into one? To do this just follow these very simple steps.

No description available.As you can see image above you can actually sync your devices, This is also one of the advantages of Brave to go this tab just press the top right corner icon I mark it with blue and scroll down and press settings. Press Sync, Manage your synced devices and then you will have the same tab as the image above. You can view your synce devices or Add new device, you can add new device by pressing the add new device choose computer or phone/table No description available.Select what devices you like to sync Phone/Tablet or Computer just follow the steps and please read the Sync Chain Code Note you can use QR code or the 24 words. Last you can sense what settings you want to sync all over your devices and then its finish.

You can create an account in publish0x here.


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