How to cash-in in Binance using P2P

By Crypto_Noob | Why Binance | 28 Aug 2020

Its been almost a year since Binance launched the P2P features it was first launched in October of 2019 but it was not all supported by all fiat currencies only selected countries because they were still working on regulations on each specific countries and selected merchants to protect both the sellers, buyers, and the reputation of the exchange itself. Before I'm going to give all the details on how you can cash-in in Binance using P2P We will take a look at a brief history of Binance.

Binance was founded in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao also known as CZ, Before/after its 1st anniversary Binance was already dominated the cryptocurrency exchange world and still the 1st exchange of choice by its users for new in cryptocurrency trading.

In my country in the Philippines, P2P features were launched on June 12, 2020, even though it was launched a few months ago many novice users are still reluctant to use such convenience, speed, and very safety features. 

This is the crypto's that you can directly buy from the P2P merchant USDT, BTC, and ETH are the one's most traded. After you bought it you can then trade it to the altcoins you like and this is the most effective and less fee.


Most Merchant/Sellers prefer payment through Bank transfer but be sure to have other options.



Always read the Trade Description 




For a soft transaction always use an exact amount like 1,000php, 3,000php 5,000php and so on.

This seller has a minimum of 1,000php as you can see in the limit


The same seller above with an exact amount it also shows how much is the cost and how many USDT you will get.

No description available.

After you made your decision select the buy button and there will another screen will appear. The seller will send you a message the details mostly are account number and account name.

Don't be afraid the seller will gonna guide you before you will mark it paid, be sure that you already paid the seller.

Even though this tutorial is for the Philippine users of Binance the same method/steps can be applied in P2P in Binance

             Create an account in Binance here

             If you want to create an account in publish0x here

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Why Binance
Why Binance

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