Coinbase listing: What happened ?

By Crypto_Noob | Why Binance | 31 Aug 2020

On June 10, 2020, Coinbase published a blog of coins for potential listing but out of those 18 potential coins to be listed. Only 2 altcoins were successfully listed compound and Numeraire. Now, what happened to the remaining 16 altcoins? I think they dropped it they did change their marketing strategy in terms of listing some coins as they losing market dominance but they won't change if Bullrun or BTC will pump and they will go to maintenance mode.

For the sake of the topic and also not to be biased against coinbase I think they have a good reason, not to list yet those other 16 altcoins. Are they going to surprise both their new users and the traders? Since many traders are spectating what coins coinbase possibly list. As those coins listed in coinsbase if not all coins probably almost coin always pump

Many crypto bloggers on youtube are discouraging its viewers when it comes to using Coinbase. Coinbase should get their trust back as they are affecting its user or those person trying to enter in cryptocurrency.

Coinbase is still a good exchange but they could do it better especially if BTC or some altscoins pump and they will not do those things that hurtful for its users. Coinbase also one of the few exchanges to offer a learning program to earn but selected countries only. 


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Why Binance

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