Care2Know vs Know2Care

By sleepyjey | White Board Thoughts | 21 Sep 2021

People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care.


What do people want to see in you? Most of our lives seem to be spent in trying to show others what we know, what we have and how strong we are. We like to be seen as knowledgeable and powerful. 

While these characteristics certainly impress others, does it make them look at you with more respect? To a limited extent, yes. 

But there is more to it than what you try to portray. People want to know how you use these characteristics and what you do with them. Do you use them selfishly to achieve personal dreams and goals? Or do you use it to help others?

People are more impressed and have genuine respect when then know you care - that you care for your family, your friends, your colleagues, the environment, for strangers, for animals or maybe a million other things. Caring for someone else or something else is a reflection that you will make a reliable and good friend. This makes a relationship more wholesome and joyful. 

With great power comes great responsibility they say. And caring for others is definitely a great responsibility that will make knowledge and power worthwhile. 

Are you a caring person?

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