Anywhere, Everywhere

Anywhere, Everywhere

By sleepyjey | White Board Thoughts | 4 Aug 2021


God and prayer

This was written at the whiteboard in my workplace 2 years ago (you can see the date on the top left corner).

It is common for a person to go to a religious place like a church or temple or mosque to say prayers. But one of the natures of God is omniscience and another is omnipresence- He is present everywhere and at all times. He is never far away to listen to you and your prayers. I've heard people say that there are more prayers uttered in the corridors of a hospital than in the altars of Churches or in temples or mosques. How true! For those who believe in the presence of God and the power of prayer, place, time and circumstance will not restrict ones desire and ability to pray.

Just say the prayer wherever you are however you are. God will listen. And He will answer in His wisdom.

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