Way of the Cross with Lyokoheros - episode 2

[Polska wersja tego posta (oryginał rozważań) dostępna tu, z kolei wyjaśnienie odnośnie serii jakiej jest częścią tu(tylko angielska wersja) - seria zakończy się na mniejszej liczbie postów niż planowałem, prawdopodobnie będzie jeszcze tylko jeden zestaw rozważań - w Wielki Piątek]

And I'm late again. Well, it still 

So, withouth further ado time for the meditations, these are just year older - they come from 2016. All biblical qoutes come from there.

(If You don't know what it is about You can simply check out my introductory post for Lent projects)

Today we will go through the way of the cross together with the Savior. The way of suffering and love. The way on which we will have to answer to ourselves if we go in the footsteps of Jesus or His persecutors. If we give others love or suffering. Let it be the spiritual journey into ourselves, that will show us what of a Christians we are.


Station I: Jesus Sentenced to Death

Jesus proclaimed the truth, truth about salvation that was about to happen through Him. Despite proclaiming love, He was accused of blasphemy and sentenced to death by Pilate, even though He didn’t find any guilt in Him.

Today this story often repeats itself – we are sentenced by others, it may not be death sentence, but our holy faith and Christian values are today “a blasphemy” for the world. And defending what’s sacred is considered a crime. When we do good, we are accused of the greatest evil. But maybe sometimes we are on this other side? Maybe we, despite being Catholics, rebel against truths of our faith, which came from our Savior. Or we acquiesce to all the slanders, despite not really seeing the victim as guilty…


Station II: Load of the Cross

Even before being delivered to the Jews, Jesus said: “If anyone wants to be a follower of mine, let him renounce himself and take up his cross and follow me”. At that time He was not understood by all, but now we know what these words mean – with suffer and everyday hardships we can fulfill the will of Jesus, enduring them for God and offering as conciliation for our sins. But still we so often choose the convenient solutions, forgetting that on the Calvary Jesus suffered way more than most of us can even imagine.

Can we be like Him and willingly accept the cross of pain and suffer? The cross from which the salvation started.


Station III: First fall

Jesus fall – with our human nature, He got also our human weaknesses. And He was overwhelmed by the weight of the cross, of our sins. But He didn’t fall to be defeated by sin. He fell to show us, that we always have to rise up after falling. Defeat the sin, even if it seems that it defeated us. Because to fall is a human thing, but to rise up is a Godly thing. And He will always help us with that, with Him, we will rise up from every fall.


Station IV: Meeting with the Mother

Many people accompanied Jesus in his earthly journey, but only one of them was with Him from the very beginning to the very end. From virginal conception to death on the cross – Mary. And that why meeting with her must give Him so much reassurance. He loved all, but especially His mother.

And as Jesus, we also can’t forget about love to our parent father and mother. And – in wider meaning – also to the homeland and the Church.

But are we appreciate enough having them? Do we love them enough? And do we remember the pivotal role of Mary in the history of salvation?

Station V: Help of Simon of Cyrene

Among the crowd that watched Jesus there was one man, that returned after working on his field. It was Simon of Cyrene. Roman soldiers forced him to help Jesus with carrying the cross. And despite the tiredness, he did this task and relieve Christ a bit, giving Him a moment to rest. Simon probably didn’t realize how great gift he actually received.

Today the situation is often similar – we have to help somebody, despite not always really wanting to do it. But instead of resent being tasked with doing someone else job, despite not having energy to do it any longer, we should rather be grateful to God for this opportunity. Because by helping this man we are helping Christ, that lives inside of him. As Jesus said: “In truth I tell you, in so far as you did this to one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did it to me.”

Station VI: Help of st. Veronica

From the crowd of onlookers, there was one more person that stand out – Saint Veronica. When others just watch how Jesus suffer or even mocked Him, she against all others decided to help. She wiped blood and dust from His tired face. It doesn’t seem to be much, but can we afford for a similar humble gesture?

Or maybe we would rather not stand out, so we won’t become victims too and succumbing to pressure of the environment we leave a needing man without any help. Without even little gesture, or we even join to the mocking crowd, to avoid becoming object of mockery. This is not what Veronica’s attitude teaches us. And those few, who go in her footsteps, often get only mocking and contempt.

Station VII: Second fall

It is hard to carry a cross, because the weight of our sins is not small. Especially when people around are not supporting us but instead do everything against us. No wonder Jesus fall again.

And so do we, tired fighting the sin, tired with how all our efforts to do good and bring the word of God in to the world give us just hostility, mocking and word of contempt from others, who mocks our fights with temptations, often presenting them as something we have obvious right to indulge into… Sometimes we just break in situations like that. We just can’t bear this pressure any longer and our resistance breaks, we’re falling into enslavement by the sin. But God knows our weaknesses, He knows how defective we are and He knows about our efforts.

That’s why if we just try to rise again and return to Him, He will help us and give us new strengths to go the path of salvation.

Station VIII: Consolation of the Women

Among the crowd not all were indifferent to Jesus’ suffering, there were women, which cry over His fate. But He, despite appreciating their compassion, said seemingly harsh words to them: “do not weep for me; weep rather for yourselves and for your children”. He contained an important truth in these words: that not the suffering – which sanctify and leads to salvation – is the true misfortune, but the human sin is. And it is mostly their own sinfulness what they should cry over.

But nowadays the cruelty of the world itself doesn’t move anyone anymore. And even if we are saddened seeing many suffering that others experience, we still can’t see the misfortune that comes from sins and fall down of a man. The only true misfortune that can come down to anyone.


Station IX: Third fall

It was near the end, not really far from Calvary. It seemed that now Christ will reach the Place of the Skull, but He had to fall this one time more. We could ask: “why?”.

The answer is simple – because it is the same with us. It seems we finally get free from that particular sin, which was so unbearably returning again and again, and that now we are on the straight way to salvation.

And despite all this, yet again something in us breaks, and for this little while we give up, we falldown again. We think that it makes no sense and there’s no reason to rise up, because in a while we will commit sin again, we will have yet another falldown.

That’s the worst possible temptation. Falling down is the human thing to do. But to stuck in the sin is devilish, and that’s what devil tries to convince us to do. Persuade us, that we are to weak, evil, unworthy of salvation and God’s forgiveness. But Jesus loved us so much, that He gave His life for us. And He will always forgive us, no matter how many times we will fall down. If only we accept His help and as Him rise up after every fall down.


Station X: Division of Robes

When Jesus reached the hill on which He was supposed to be crucified, people start another part of tormenting him. They stripped Him of His robes, to publicly humiliate him and strip Him out of His dignity, not understanding it’s the God Himself, they are dealing with.

Just as today enemies of the Church try to discredit it, strip of any dignity and trust of the believers. Their acts aren’t so much different from the acts of Christ’s executioners. Sometimes we also become victims of such attacks… but sometimes also we aren’t better. With mean word, obscene joke, or mockery we also can strip others of their dignity, find ourselves a victim, which we would humiliate together with others. But that’s not what God wants from us…

Station XI: Nailing to the Cross

When torturers finished tormenting Jesus, they nailed Him to the cross. Every nail, piercing through His legs and arms, caused Him pain, but not only physical. Because it is us, who nailed Him to the cross with our sins. With our selfishness, anger, vindictiveness, impurity and all others of our sins. It is us, who caused Him this pain. And yet He loves us so much to let our sins be removed in this way. We should never forget that, and not be afraid to suffer for Him, such as He suffered for us.

Station XII: Death on the Cross

It had been done. Jesus Christ, savior of the entire world, died on the cross. He loved us so much to not only take our human nature, not only suffer and let Himself get humiliated, but even give His life for us. At that moment His enemies thought He was defeated, but all that happen was precisely compatible with His will. Because God is the only lord of the history.

Even when it may seem that Church is collapsing, that Christianity will fall in the fight against devil, that will never really happen. Triumphs of evil are always only sham, because in the end it is God, and these that trust him will win. By staying with the Church, with God we will be saved, even when in mundane perspective we would lose our lives. And crucified Jesus Christ will be the symbol of our victory.


Station XIII: Taking down from the Cross

This is the end. Crowd people returned to their homes, convicts died. Or at least it seemed it is the end. Because despite whole world forgot Him, He doesn’t forget about the world. His body was taken from the cross and laid in His mother’s arms. Paramount even in human’s history just ended, but for humanity it was just the beginning. Beginning of the road to salvation. Despite they thought it is the end of history of Jesus from Nazareth, and that world will forgot him.

But the world didn’t want to forget.

And even though now the world forgets Him and His teaching more and more, despite all effort of forces hostile to Christ, he won’t really be forgotten. And the gift of His sacrifice will be with us forever, extended at every Holy Mass.


Station XIV: Entombment

When the body of Jesus was taken down from the cross, Joseph of Arimathea – His apprentice – laid it in his tomb. With this deed he reminds us how important are acts of mercy towards dead, how important is our care of their fate. Which way too often is forgotten nowadays.

And it could seem that it closes this history, that Jesus will stay in the tomb forever, and his teaching will be gone with him. But his apprentices know, that he will rise from the dead and give them the power to continue His work. He won’t stay in the tomb, but He’ll defeat the death itself. Christ showed us, that death is just the beginning. Beginning of eternal life.


…and here seemingly our Way of the Cross ends. Jesus died on the cross and was laid in the tomb. But our real Way of the Cross will just begin – it is our entire life, in which we all the time have to side either with Jesus or his oppressors, even when we don’t realize that. In little everyday matters we always have to choose if we will follow Jesus or the world. Surely a lot of suffering awaits us, but we can also meet with a lot of selfless help. And who will persevere to the very end, will be saved – because it is only up to us how we will go down this road and what will await us at its end – salvation or damnation.

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