Summary of my Lent projects

By Lyokoheros | Whispers of Digital Sea | 16 Apr 2023

It is the last day of Easter Octave, so it's high time to summarize my lent projects...

The Way of the Cross meditations

I would say they weren't that big of a success. Mostly because I underestimated how much time it will take me to translate my Way of the Cross meditation to English, and how much time my other matters will consume... resulting in only publishing 3 sets. But another case is I think that it is not the kind of content popular there nor often sought after... so perhaps I should wait with the project for the next year, and do it after starting publishing my other non-crypto content, when I (hopefully) would have a wider audience, which perhaps would be more interested in it... but well I still have some not used meditations for the next year after all, so I think I will try again... but with more preparations ahead of time. And maybe also I will polish the current translations, as... well many parts were difficult to put into world in English (these text were one of the cases when I felt limitation of that language the most) and I wasn't always fully sure if the way I find for that is really good, and really brings the message I intended. Which may have caused some parts to be not fully understood. 

The charity pool

But what about the second part, charity pool? Well, considering how interconnected were these two, it also didn't do so well... During entire project the pool accumulated only 30$/120zł(PLN)... I was setting the ratio per like rather low as I was actually afraid that the final result would get so big that I won't be able to afford it... but instead it gets... disappointingly low. I hoped it would make all the process more engaging, but clearly it is too early yet. 

So I decided to actually double it. And as I decided to donate mostly Polish charities (though they not necessary work exclusively in Poland) it will be in PLN... but considering that 1$ is actually a bit more than 4 zł (currently 4,25) I added another 20 zł. (zł is shortcut for "złoty" in other world "polish złoty" (PLN) - currency of my country)

And thus I eventually got 260zł pool to share, which I decide to divide into 5 packages of 20zł and 4 packages of 40 zł. So let's start with the bigger ones, charities which will get 40zł are:

  • FUNDACJA JAVANI (literally Javani Foundation)is local foundation in my archdiocese, which main goal is to help juvenile parent in raising their children, getting proper education and job. It also promotes learning, personal development and work on oneself. It serves both youth, but also parents and teachers.
    You can find their website there. (though it's available only in Polish)
  • FUNDACJA DLA ŻYCIA I RODZINY IM. ŚW. JANA PAWŁA II (literally Foundation for Life and Family of* Saint John Paul II - this "of" states for part "im." which means more or less "named after", so Saint John Paul II is the patron of a foundation) - it's foundation which supports promoting most elemental human values which are human life and dignity of a person, from the very beginning to the very end, and also promoting the beauty of a family. They want to help especially young people, and except cultural and infrastructural operation they offer also free legal and psychological guidence in cases like neuroses, depression, unwanted pregnancy, difficulties in learning etc. 
    You can find their website there. (though it's available only in Polish, btw the words in URL means "Miracle of life")
  • FUNDACJA PRO PRAWO DO ŻYCIA (literally Foundation PRO - the Right for Life) - a foundation which actively supports most fundamental human right: the right for life, and also generally protect the youngest, especially unborn children, and family in general. They're raising awareness about abortion and what a horrible crime it really is, and fight legally to finally abolish it (and finally put it on the dumpster of history, together with things like slavery etc.)
    You can find their website there. (though it's available only in Polish, btw the words in URL mean "Side of life")
  • INSTYTUT ORDO IURIS (literally "Ordo Iuris Institute", the words "Ordo Iuris" comes from Latin and mean "Order of Law" or "Legal Order") - foundation which take wide range of legal activities, connected with defending the most fundamental human rights (like right to live), legally protecting families, and helping people which are persecuted or in any way attacked on legal grounds in cases when the established law is not fully consistent with natural law (which sadly is more or less... entire world, even though in some places - like Polish and US, except some progressive, pro-murder states - there was already some improvements), they aim to make them finally consistent and act against any ideological attempts to establishing laws contradictory to natural law. They act in international organizations, prepare reports and legal analyses, and also provide legal support to those in need.
    You can find their website there. (though it's available only in Polish)

And here goes the charities which got 20zł packages. Well, actually one would receive 2, for two different purposes:

  • CARITAS - the biggest, catholic Charity, and one of most trusted and reliable, you can find their website there. This time I dedicated to donate for 2 of their projects. 
    • Help people from Ukraine, what include things like refund of medicament, food and supply packages for Ukraine, funding curses for Ukrainian refuges or even things like buying electricity generators for care facilities in Ukraine
    • Missions, which include mostly funds for food delivered by Polish missionaries in places like Africa, South-East Asia, Middle East, South America, and generally poor regions of the world.
  • FUNDACJA PATRZ SERCEM (literally Look with (your) Heart Foundation) - foundation that helps lone mothers and their children, they offer in-kind, financial, psychological and legal assistance, they also want to fulfill the systemic gap, by creating temporary home for women escaping from violence (from their alcoholic husbands etc.), before they get actual communal accommodation. These facilities would also be places to get legal and psychological help, they are planning also youth and children's candle which would offer free meals, psychological help and many activities. Quite ambitious infrastructural plans, but I hope they will be able to make it.
    You can find their website there.
  • GŁOS PRZEŚLADOWANYCH CHRZEŚCIJAN ("The Voice of the Martyrs") - an organization which aims to be a voice of Christian that are persecuted all over the world. It raises awareness by telling the world about persecutions Christians are experiencing in many countries, where they are also silenced, sometimes by violent, brutal methods, and sometimes by more subtle means, and their possibility to cultivate faith, and fully live by it is restricted, sometimes heavily, forcing them to meet in hiding in forests, attics, cellar and other places like that. It's not about raising awareness though, as it also serves with material support, to help persecuted Christians survive.
    You can find their website there.
  • POLONIA CHRISTIANA - Polish, catholic internet medium, which tries to bring authentic Catholic voice into public debate, to show truth to people and take a vote on important issues. It may not exactly be a "charity", but is nonetheless a very important public service, so I decide it will get some support too.
    You can find their website there.

Few words about the future

As I said, I will surely return to the project in the next year, and on the matter of the near future I would like to say that now I'm gonna to prioritize two things: post about 10 altcoins that I think will stand the test of times and introduction to my fandom and culture related blog. 

As for the reports, I know it seemingly should be not so long to next one... but there was a bit of a chaos with my purchases, so there are a few purchases for which I already place orders, but they aren't realized yet... of course maybe I should just make the price higher, so it could be realized now, and not waiting longer... but I'm not so sure about it, so... I think I will leave them as they are, considering that technical analyzes show we may soon have a massive correction. Maybe waiting will be a mistake, but maybe not waiting would be. I don't know... 

Also, I noticed that I reach 60 followers, for which again thank You very much!

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