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By XTRM™ | Cryptopia | 4 Aug 2021

Way back in 2014 I had been taking a look at what you can and cannot do within the MSM Goon Squad - Mainstream Media - Yes, there IS a reason why the appellation suffixorial (Yes, NOT a word. But sounds cool... to me) Goon Squad is rightly applied. So what follows is a exposition on what you can say and CANNOT say within the confines of the MSM Goon Squad.

So much is relevant today in 2021 heading into 2022, in the wake of the last 18-months of the pandemic/plandemic whatever you want call it... So here I am going to experiment with what I found in 2014, and what I find today, in respect to journalism and associated industry, and blend it all in with 2021 to see if you can pull the two years away from the following article content... Here we go... 


The Origin of The Title or Introductory Matters

Quite a handful of years ago, the legendary Nickelodeon had a pretty good show that was actually very good to watch. This was of course WAAAY back when Nickelodeon had that kid show PINWHEEL that came on when Nickelodeon first signed on (back then, Nickelodeon and even HBO were NOT 24hr networks.

They came on for a broadcast day, did their evening stuff, and signed off late at night. HBO even did a text guide for their programming) and then had their other stuff after PINWHEEL ended. One of them happened to be called 'You Can't Do That on Television!' 

This was produced up in Canada, and was really a good show in my estimation. Of course the title would have been better suited to a late-night satellite adult movie service rather than what transpired on Nick, but it was still pretty good. So this is where the title came from. There MIGHT be classic eps of it on YouTube, as you'll probably have to hunt for it, and it might very well be Nick might have ordered them down if they ever did, even though back then, Nickelodeon was done by Warner Amex Satellite Entertainment, Incorporated.

The Meat of This Entire Thing

Ok. With THAT out of the way, what can you say on the MSM networks?

Pretty much anything the Corporate Gods want you to say. Yep. If you are part of a multi-billion dollar corporation and your CEO was found in bed with three babes, two female UPS drivers and four FEDEX female drivers and a female impersonator, you would NOT be able to report about it truthfully. Nope. Your Corporate Gods will just make you say it was an unfortunate incident, everything is being looked into, and that is that. Which of course, later on down the road, you'll be only saying the CEO has resigned and gets the package and so forth.

And let's say the corporation handling the news gets into hot water, you STILL wouldn't be able to say anything truthful about it. The Corporate Gods are almost always incensed when someone rightly discusses these types of matters truthfully. What do the Corporate Gods fear? Well, in their tiny minds, they seem to think that if the corporation in question does NOT own up to what is really going on with the incident and also fess up and say they are guilty of whatever, people are going to drop them like bad habits. But the REALITY is, the Corporate Gods feel their advertising minions will run for cover. I mean, let's face it: the Corporate Gods can't be Gods without their minions eh?


So you simply cannot be forthright and do what is absolutely necessary and informing the public correctly and truthfully about what is going on.

In fact, some can rightly say the Corporate Gods are super greedy. They want to make sure their level of greed is higher than the other Corporate Gods greed level. After all, no money in the corporate coffers does not the Corporate Gods make happy.

Even the reporting of truthful accurate news is extremely verboten (forbidden) by the Corporate Gods. They want everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING) to be scripted, to be acted, to ensure the viewing public are rightly tricked into believing whatever the Corporate Gods want them to believe. If there is a war on for instance, the Corporate Gods will want the Gods of the Military-Industrial Complex to be appeased by reporting constantly and consistently that their products are killing the enemy by the bucketloads and everybody is knee-deep in giddiness that they love it. As such, they have to make sure that support for it is rightly manufactured and that people's minds must be made to think that war is so ultra-cool because no support means a lost war.

Speaking of the Government, they also are in bed with the Corporate Gods on this matter as well. They can be all "Oh don't tell the MSM anything - dear God they'll rip us to pieces!" When in reality, they are influencing the Corporate Gods by telling them what they can say and NOT say. Yes, National Security can play a role and also the protection of lives. But really, they influence them like nothing else. Here's a rather interesting example: I was watching the legendary Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network (C-SPAN). I don't recall if it was C-SPAN 1 or 2, but a hearing was going on.


The usual planned and fake testimony was happening with the same silliness that is these hearings. Anyway, they were discussing something about an issue involving the NSA and the whole Edward Snowden fake matter. It was interesting as there were four of them at the table testifying and each one was asked if they had seen some sort of intelligence report and sent it to Obama at the time... They all seemed to emphatically state NO. Then, before the next question was flung at them, one of them quipped, "Don't believe everything the media says." Wow. Really? Why you four fools (to put it politely of course) influence the media, get them to say what you want and how you want it said. And yet, you make THAT utterance? Methinks you four should RIGHTLY be investigated for drug usage...

Anyhow, the government and the Corporate Gods are always romping around like this, twisting stories, sensationalizing everything, making you think this way and that. It's a sad, brainless romance one could say. But what has this done to Journalism other than soil its once mighty drawers with enough... well... um... solid waste... to last a lifetime - and then some?


This is, in the main, a pretty good idea. Non-Corporate Media IS for all intents and purposes a pretty excellent thing. Alternative news networks all wiith the Corporate Gods at bay, the media would be fair and also be not subservient to the Corporate God's will, and also their ad minions. Plus it allows certain topics that it is claimed the MSM will NOT touch with a 50ft-pole. Or report on. This is about where the trouble has really started.

You see, while the concept of it all is really good, it has allowed groups of all sorts and shades to step forward who hate America and Capitalism with a vengeance. Yes, it is excellent to have a media that is not festooned to a certain part of the Corporate God's anatomy. That much is certain. Being able to report stories on the Corporate Gods when they do bad is also most excellent.

But the EXTREME VAST MAJORITY of the stuff that is reported on by the Alternative or "Real" Media is nothing more than coded hogwash from those groups whose intent and agenda is to help with the destruction of Capitalism and to bring forth Communism.

Look at George Soros funded BLM and movements such as; The Woke, The Socialist and Marxist Left, The Gender Woke, LGBTQ, Cancel Culture, ANTIFA, Environmentalists. The censoring of debate and science facts via online mainstream via and search engines - let alone YouTube, Facebook, Twitter (everyone who is free thinking has started to move to GETTR), Instagram... Celebrity and Social Influencers - all of these are involved in censoring, propaganda, lies, spin, distortion of facts and radical, extreme race division... To name a few political extremes in 2020 and 2021, and all things pointed out in this article you are reading now, that is blended with reporting from 2014 - you seeing any correlations or coincidences yet? 

A good strong alternative media should be one where stories are presented in a manner and form, that is not scripted, full of tricks, sensationalized, and truthful. In other words, no need to use coded or loaded language to get the points across. It doesn't matter WHICH quarter it comes from. There are always 'inquiries' but we never hear of them again - Alternative Media should be much more balanced and reporting on matters - without the use of trickery to help support a certain hidden agenda or Communist Front Group.

Activism also plays a key role in the Alternative Media. In the main of course, this is fine, as in plenty of cases, Activists do not rightly get their say in a manner and form that needs to be said in or done in. There is really nothing wrong with this. But again, when you have Activists who have control over television and radio stations (Pacifica Radio being a clear cut example) then it becomes completely and totally one-sided. Gone is the equality, in is the one-sided viewpoint and anything else is completely unacceptable. And plus, most of these type stations GET their funding from the Corporate Gods, but not in the form and manner one might think.


My Viewpoint on What The MSM Should Really Be About

So here's how I see it SHOULD be done: the MSM should NOT be corporate-minded. Meaning, while broadcast networks ARE corporations and rightly should be allowed to report the news and so forth, they should NOT be beholden to the Corporate Gods and the ad minions who get to say what they want be said. They should be willing to accept other viewpoints such as Conspiracy Theories or truth networks - and people who want to call for much more investigation into 9/11 for instance... Covid-19 Science is purposefully made confusing, and the media jumps on corporate toxin promotions without thought for the possible future health ramifications - just constantly pushing a vaccine that apparently does not work to purpose - will the media hold their hands up as promoters of these vaccines, pushing people to have the jab if it all goes wrong? 

The news should STOP being scripted and being used to push various agendas or to influence people and make them think for them. No more people like Rachel Maddow and Nancy Grace. Sure, some SHOULD be animated and actually show feelings, but not be super outrageous or deliberately go into histrionics when something not cool takes place and needs to just HAMMER the point home that the act isn't right and you very well should be thinking this way or else. (Nancy Grace does this to a science) 

Tucker Carlson of Fox News is one of the better examples of great, honest, sincere, journalism and journalists in 2021. 

If the Corporate Gods be bad boys & girls, report on them truthfully. Not sensationalized to death, but truthfully. If it comes from a broadcasting Corporate God they should tell the truth that they are guilty of something and be done with it. Don't HIDE behind it like immature schoolchildren, be adults and say "Yes, we are guilty of doing such a thing."

All in all, and to conclude, I think the Corporate Stranglehold the Media has on the MSM should be broken. Yes, promote products and the like, but please DO NOT script the news, do not allow people like Rachel Maddow and Nancy Grace on the air anymore, get people who will be balanced and fair and not swayed by a particular agenda or political stripe. In this way the MSM can be something relied upon, not seen as the ugly and pathetic Goon Squad it has rightly become.

I know this whole thing might sound Communist, but it isn't. Going after corporations because of their megalomaniacal need for greed and power is a right and honorable thing to do. Going after them wholesale because Capitalism just is a rank and outdated idea isn't. In other words, Capitalism of and itself is NOT the problem. It may be faulty in some areas, but in general it isn't the problem. It's individual corporations doing their thing WITHIN Capitalism that's the REAL problem. So if by using a term "Corporate Gods" to you sounds like it is code for Communism, then you need to really open up your mind a little wider and don't look at things with such a closed, singular viewpoint. You'll miss a LOT that's out there.

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