Updated: Does StormGain Cloud Miner Mine More Than $10 USDT Free?

By XTRM™ | Cryptopia | 9 Aug 2020

On my DAPP and Exchange travels this week, I decided... After being bombarded by folk stating that StormGain has a new Cloud Mining setup... To look into StormGain's new facility. 

Important update: 17th August 2020

You need to use the app on your OS, Android or Apple to withdraw. 

Android is here... StormGain App

Other apps can be found at the link below this article. 

The promise of $10 in USDT tokens, and the ability to mine this amount free pricked my ears and poked my eyes enough to give it a whirl, and so I did.

Now I have never really been a big fan of StormGain, just because of the spam I have been receiving since the company came to be... But I thought what the heck... Signed up, nipped on over to the Cloud Miner, and set it going. 

Okay here is the part that everyone starts shouting what's the catch... And yes there is one. 

StormGain will allow you to mine the $10 USDT absolutely free, without any drain on your computer or mobile device resources, except for the obvious going to the website. However you can only use this $10 USDT for making trades within the StormGain environment. You cannot withdraw the tokens, but you can withdraw and keep any profits you make. 

But before I go into how much profit I made, which I am going to write about in another article, there is one little bonus that is not really spoken about... The miner will allow you to go over the $10 USDT - thus giving you more trading power. And there is no fee as it is StormGain to StormGain Wallet when withdrawn. 

How long did it take to mine the $10 USDT? 

You will need to return to StormGain and go to the Cloud Miner every 4-hours to start mining again as it does stop ever 4-hours. In the scheme of freebies and things the mine took a bit of time to grab the withdrawal amount... Around 5-days,but it does seem that it can be done quicker. I did miss a few stops here and there, so in essence you could grab the $10 USDT much quicker than I did. 

You may also mine further $10 freebies in USDT, until StormGain decide to pull the plug... Why wait? 

To grab your free $10 USDT to trade on StormGain you can use my invite below to sign up for free.

Sign up for StormGain Free $10 USDT Cloud Mining here

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