There is something going down with ChainLink (LINK) and it means going up

By XTRM™ | Cryptopia | 9 Oct 2020

The world is rapidly starting to turn its head towards Cryptocurrency at a rate of speed not seen since UFO's were invented... Seriously though it is a very rapid and quite scary pace currently at which Dapps, Smart Contracts, new cryptocurrencies and a whole set of other crypto related goodies are hitting our machines and devices - I do not want to sound overly eager and at the same time doomy, but the world is heading in a crazy financial direction, and I do not thing it will be long before the shit truly hits the fan commercially and financially, that some kind of global war will ensue. Thus we will see the first breakaway government and country emerge, that will adopt Cryptocurrency at a national, economic and financial level - The first Crypto-Country.

2021 is going to see such a rise in Dapp activity, especially via the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, a blockchain incidentally running through so many problems due to its success during 2020, from mining to transaction issues and the associated high Gas fees being branded about - that it has prompted the Devs to gear up for ETH 2.0 being developed to take the load away from the crazy that is happening currently with ETH in its current climate.

ETH is going to continue to rise in value and I will not be surprised at all to see the Token start heading towards and above $3000 come mid-2021 - however this is going to start pushing ETH more and more away from the average Joe and Jane via Gas fees and minimum transactions. A lot like Bitcoin (BTC).

This is where Altcoins are going to start to flourish... Those that are currently top-10 stand a chance of stepping into the shoes that slip off the feet of Devs as they start to move away from ETH, this especially if all does not go to plan with the release of ETH 2.0... and I do foresee huge problems just because of the levels of traffic involved in the logistics of such a huge leap to counter the current ETH climate.

Let's forget Polkadot (Dot), Tron (TRX and 2.0) and Ripple (XRP) and possibly Litecoin (LTC) - there are one set of Devs that have already been preparing, and have a huge amount of support from its massive community - it's fees are low and it has the blockchain to cope with a surge. The Token already has a very stable environment using its 'oracle' bridging Proof of Work concepts - I kind of middle man security guard making sure oracle's have no single point of failure via Smart Contracts and the blockchain - and is currently seeing a slight nudge back up in value...

I am talking about ChainLink (LINK)...

ChainLink have already been smart and have been pushing ahead with its decentralised Dapp technology and already has the capability and expertise, along with experience having gone through many overhauls itself, to cope with a run away from any further problems with ETH... which in my opinion is certain to happen - starting around about... Now...

Let's not poke a stick at ETH too much, the Devs are geniuses... I think eventually things will start to level out at ETH, but it is not going to be pretty and there are going to be a heck of a lot of changes ahead - which are going to take time... and as I said, someone is going to win out when Cryptocurrency Businesses run out of patience or need and urgent fix. Some of those would be former ETH environments, may never return thus boosting any Altcoin taking on the run-off. 

Think have been moving forward steadily with ChainLink during 2020, and the forward thinking of those developing the LINK environment and the community as a whole, along with all the almost certain to happen, newcomers adopting the Token and project...

Want to know what I think is going to happen with ChainLink?

Expect LINK to be topping $1000 by mid-2021, have had a huge surge in demand and usage - with Dapps galore.


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