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By XTRM™ | Cryptopia | 18 Jan 2021

Guys and girls - I know this is not crypto related but I feel you might have a few views and things to say in respect to the longest serving TV Broadcaster in history, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) - given the BBC are global - say what you think - the BBC Survey is now available, they invite you to speak lol. 

Here is my tuppence on the BBC - For what it is worth I doubt very much the BBC will listen, and rather like their news items - will select the bullshit and lefty ideology over anything truthful that might be said about the service. This being a hint as to where I am going with this.

In fact I did not even realise I still have an account - but after I have added my views to this survey, I will be deleting with certainty.

The BBC is in part funded via subsidiary payments from the British taxpayer, but over the last few years what has supposed to be an impartial view from the broadcaster, has turned into political and corporate bias - seemingly Anti-Brexit, supporting political movements such as Black Lives Matter now known as the Black Lives Movement - in my view a race baiting shitshow hell bent on socialist ideology and historical blackouts via the removal of publicly paid for statues and memorials along with text history regarding slavery and rights - however ver not once have the BBC ventured into the reporting of white farmers being murdered, raped, their children shot in front of them and robbed - via the black population of said South Africa - or the various racist and religio-racism if the Islamic world or systemic abuses of power in East Asia - rather choosing the oppose freedom protests in Hong Kong and favour reporting in a way the Chinese Communist Gooberment would be proud of.

The constant slandering and targeting of President Trump - has been disgusting to say the least - favouring the Democrats and the Joe (the fiddler) Biden... Who in their right mind voted for this child kissing sociopath that has a very sketchy memory and cannot even walk straight, never mind read a carefully crafted script from a teleprompter? A guy that wants war with Iran and rip up a the good work the Trump Administration have done in respect to bringing back jobs to the USA from China. Fking madness and bonkers - in my opinion the Trump campaign won - the rest us history via fraud - and will no doubt be torn up and hidden, and reported on by news outlets such as the BBC as the best thing since sliced bread - absolute shitshow!


The BBC have constantly reported the absolute garbage science and statistics of the Covid-19 epidemic - instead fudging reports, downright fear-mongering and collaborating with the bigpharma industry and tech industry to propagandise and make political bullshit statements on behalf of the above.

During 2021 New Years night celebrations, the BBC broadcast images of support for the EU, this after Brexit, they also lit up the sky in support of the violent, race baiting political movement of BLM via lasers and drones over London during the welcoming in of 2021 - downright disgraceful - and yet never once have they called out the violence and killings via BLM - now target President Trump as to the instigator of the storming of the capital building by now proven ANTIFA and opposition saboteurs - not once have the BBC reported on this.

The BBC chose to air support of the Pro-Covid religion... Instead of the views if those against all the lockdowns and closures if small business. While giving what amounts to advertising and favoritism over those supporting an untested vaccine. Which in my opinion is ignorant of those who wish to not gave the vaccine and supporting the castigation if anyone anti-vaccine - I do not pay taxes for this bullshit.

In short... The BBC are a sham... Time is up, the majority of the UK are turning against the constant corruption in the BBC, this being a corporation that hid the likes of Jimmy Saville for decades. Screw the BBC - time for them to shut their doors and take their political activist news reporters with them... Goodbye BBC, your time in the TV business us being cut short daily vua your political activism.

I think this will do for now... I said enough for you guys and girls to understand my view - do you honestly think the BBC would listen to an opinion like this? No chance...

Have your say on the BBC here.


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