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Small Business and Projects Can Benefit Via Altcoin Adoption

By XTRM™ | Cryptopia | 14 Oct 2020

The world is bonkers financially during the current economic climate globally due to multiple reasons such as political craziness and positioning - to the... Well... suggest it is all complete insanity with the 2020 hysteria due to history being made by the mad folk at the top in government, lobbying 'experts' and the various big boy investors of the stock market... Not to mention the usual suspects that usually rock the global boat in the Bankster Cartel.

Oh you think I have finished on 2020 being the modern era equivalent of a real life Alice in Wonderland down the rabbit hole experience? No... add into this utter lunacy a rabid killer (I am not going there *cough*) ... Oops! 

Businesses have suffered from big corporations that seemed financially untouchable until 2020, to millions of small businesses that have been the worst effected - many having already fallen never to recover... It is you and I that these small enterprises depended upon to survive - It has been mentioned in the past that if just a small percentage of these businesses had adopted Cryptocurrency prior to any lockdown or business changes caused by 2020 fever... That they may well have been able to ride out the storm.

Altcoins could be a revelation to small businesses if they start to adopt now... It is not a matter of if a huge shift migrates in the direction of Crypto - it is already happening - a primary focus must be on fixing the problem of Cash Flow, or we could be saying Crypto Flow.

I am not going to beat around the bush... There is a change happening in the world of business and there is no going back.. Embracing new technology no matter how mind numbing is a must... Altcoins such as NANO with low fees and lightning fast transactions (currently) or Stable coins such DAI, can be quickly applied to Business Payment and Banking - Searching out Decentralised Applications for small to mid sized businesses, would be a huge step towards evolving a business through Cryptocurrency, whether this be with the big one Bitcoin or taking advantage of coins such as Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) and certainly worth noting that Stellar (XLM) have been largely business orientated and have easy adoption along with nice low fees (currently).

Privacy coins such as Monero (XMR) can play a huge role in securing down transactions with high levels of encryption and anonymity - Handy... 

Ethereum (ETH) and DASH are going to be big players in business orientated Dapp technology - however if Ethereum have problems with the coming ETH 2.0 release - a huge flood will move towards smaller Altcoins. (LINK example Ethereum) can help anyone new to Decentralised Applications find a little more information about Dapps on various blockchains and what they do. 

Anyway not a biggy... I am going to invite you good folk reading this to add in the comments any of your favourites to help small business easily understand and develop toward Cryptocurrency adoption - Altcoins and Dapps welcome... Link us up... Share the knowledge - it would help some small businesses to keep it simple at first. 

The future evolves... Evolve with it... 


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