SLAP! Harvest Finance - FARM - They Shut Me Up

SLAP! Harvest Finance - FARM - They Shut Me Up

By XTRM™ | Cryptopia | 30 Jul 2021

If I am wrong I am wrong... with that it is a good idea to hold up ones hands, and beg for forgiveness (Oops this would be from the other half) – or just admit that in the scheme of things, ones logic may have held water at one time - but now some farmer across the way just shot a huge hole in the tank. That farmer being at the ranch over at Harvest Finance, along with that dastardly Yield Token Working Dog they have... they have shut me the heck up good and proper recently.


I am not a fan of Yield Farming, never have been. Yield Farms such as Harvest Finance have always detracted from my aims at my own trading volumes – thus they can be very erratic with things such as Gas Fees, General Fees, Transaction Times, and the amount of time for little gain, if all of those things come together at once eeeek! These are the problems that always seem to cause quick decisions to withdraw (albeit often locked lol), panic, and a mental breakdown – the nerves and costs associated with Yield Farms, tend to end up being short term staking projects for myself.


Image: Mine is better than yours... Size does not matter!

Yield Tokens tended to be at one time, only useful with the associated DeFi Company, as rewards, with high expectancy limits before trading within its own DeFi Environment, or for usage within Community Governance Voting... pretty pointless unless you are into the technical side of things or unless there is a vote on ‘2000%-Interest on Bitcoin if you Hodl 20-Bazillion WhackyWifiDeFi Tokens’.




Something recently came to my knowledge about a particular Yield Token. One which once bounced across the pages of XTRM articles like it had been shot out of the virtual sky... I mean, I had no point to using this token, and no profitable use for Harvest Finance due to other projects that I have already been loyal to - and also built up great accounts, inclusive of very good interest and bonuses – in other words, only earning this particular token here at P0x – my logic with this? Hodl it... The time for FARM will arrive one day.

This FARM day recently arrived via Harvest Finance... with that I got blindsided completely with a huge slap in the FAAACE!

Harvest Finance and Coinbase recently made happy things happen – REALLY HAPPY THINGS – as Harvest Finance along with FARM Token have now found a place on the Coinbase Pro Platform – and has gone on to moon with a rise in value over 90% at the time of writing this article. Farm had been floating around the $100 mark for some time, but whoosh, once on the Coinbase Pro Exchange, FARM flew.

Hats off to Harvest Finance – for me the team have listened and figured yes the time is right to get this on at Coinbase. Not only has this been a seeming great financial move for many, this move has brought a whole world of new purpose to Harvest Finance and Farm Token. Too add I can see a value when the Yield Pools and Services work well together to up the value of a token, for those who like a quick windfall - and great for community environments - I can clearly see now Harvest have made the move to Coinbase, the hacking fiasco can now be put to bed... trust is a massive part of DeFi, Yield Farming, Exchanges and Trading and Investments. Maybe my knowledge of past technical problems and buggy platforms did throw Harvest Finance a curve ball in my mind - all is forgiven...


Little micro crypto income projects are likely to surface, as with many tokens when they hit the bigger exchanges – this alone is going to add to the value and usage of FARM – you could say that this listing has fundamentally changed the whole outlook for Harvest Finance, who now could go on to be the next Yearn Finance, along with their YFI Token have been to some very dizzy $100k highs - that's higher than the entire band 'The Doors' in the 1960's, put together!

Exchanging to the many Cryptocurrencies on Coinbase Pro is simple, and 'yes' you can exchange or trade your Farm if you wish - this alone has made FARM Yield Token so much more flexible in my crypto world.

If you have not grabbed your free Coinbase Pro Account yet in order to greatly benefit from earning, hodling or using FARM Token away from just Harvest Finance facilities, you will need to first need to sign up to the Standard Coinbase, then pop over to Coinbase Pro and use your Standard Coinbase Login.

There in the Coinbase Pro Coin List you will find 'Harvest Finance' (FARM) and your associated Wallet. 

 You can use the Official XTRM Sponsor Link Here to grab your free account via Coinbase.

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