Opinion: A Brave Browser & Basic Attention Token Prediction 2020 - BAT

Opinion: A Brave Browser & Basic Attention Token Prediction 2020 - BAT

By XTRM | Cryptocurrency In A Nutshell | 30 Jun 2020

All I can say is wow to Team Brave, those developers that came up with a tidy little Internet Browser with the name of 'Brave'. 

You may or may not have heard of this rather slick performer... If you have not then perhaps I can help you make a few decisions in respect to the magic of the Brave Browser, the prominent Web browser that actually pays you Cryptocurrency in the form of Basic Attention Token - Cue the abbreviation... BAT. 

In a nutshell 2020 has seen some changes to Brave and the overall experience that using the browser brings to its users. The ability to link BAT payments made directly to your in-browser BAT Wallet via viewing select no-tracking or intrusive adverts, which via notification you are invited to watch - however you get paid for... Phew... To Uphold Wallet.

If you are using Brave and not seen the feature yet, you should just have to update the software to the latest version. After which you will see your BAT Wallet now linkable to Uphold Wallet... I believe more wallets could get the thumbs up in the future. It doubt that would be this year, however Uphold is great and very secure,where you can HODL many other tokens and link your bank account safely. There are multi'walkets such as Binance that will accept BAT, but they are not yet able to sync with the Brave Browser Wallet directly. 

Enabling payments to web-surfers, plus content creators and website owners that participate in the BAT and Brave Program has been a huge step forward. And has helped strike a little bit of balance between publisher, advertiser and viewer. The ability to be tipped or tip channels at Twitter and YouTube are great additions... More are promised. 

The BAT Token has weathered the recent slump in crypto values very well, and has become stable around the $0.23 range, bringing in the payments to all parties from what in effect has been one way traffic can only benefit the Brave platform and its growing membership. As membership grows on through 2020 into 2021 I predict an end of year value somewhere between $0.25 - $0.30 per BAT. 

The fact that Wallets featured at Binance and Uphold are recognising they BAT is no Shitcoin has also helped the token and its reputation. 

Brave seem to be on coarse to develop much further into the next decade and beyond as the traditional crypto paying browser.

As a personal fan of the Brave Browser I cannot wait to be writing on into the future with not only Brave, but the countless opportunities that are being born within a genius team of some rather useful heads, and a fast growing community... 

I'm going to throw out an idea here for the Brave Development Team... How about a whole new Basic Attention Token Operating System created by Brave? 

Hmmm... 'Brave OS' does have a ring to it. 






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