Love At First Sight - BitcoinZ

By XTRM™ | Cryptopia | 9 Oct 2020

To quote a well known chatroom message... OMG! 

No not the OMG token but a token that in my eyes, makes quite a few others look like the bland home brand packaging of a superstore cereal packet (going to be on the cornflakes shortly yup). 

A few days ago I had been having my usual night time jaunt around the various mining pools that I frequent, mulling over stats, just having the normal passing thoughts of the days when "I COULD HAVE BEEN A MILLIONAIRE!"... Stupid Bitcoin... When I noticed a little icon gleaming, looking at me almost waving... All golden and with the look of a beautiful shining Bitcoin *slap*...

Okay awake again now - BitcoinZ (BTCZ) for some reason really stood out from the list of coins being mined. Not just because it has that familiar gold look and symbol, but with an emblazoned blue letter 'Z' - the rates at which the coin are being traded at are crappy to say the least currently right down somewhere in the region of... Well I placed the chart up, look at it. It should be below...

Bitcoin (BTCZ) established itself in the background in late 2017, however it is not a fork of Bitcoin (BTC), it is only similar in name and concept only. The project has a highly motivated team of developers and a great mainly voluntary community - housing themselves as a cosy family unit within the Proof of Work, and Mineable blockchain token, also that it has its own Genesis Block... So there! 

Incidentally I did dip my toes into the BitcoinZ mining pool that I had been present at and got a pleasurable surprise in token amount by morning - that I will for now keep stacking up on at least one machine - I certainly will be getting involved more with BTCZ... It looks to be set for a bright future. 

The BTCZ concept is driven towards lowering fees and still having fast transactions, in many respects the coin is more similar to that of ZCash given that it is actually using the ZCash Core.

You can find yourself a BitcoinZ Wallet Address via Coinomi and their loaded little app full of many Altcoin alternatives to say the least. 

You can find out more about BitcoinZ at their rather flashy and colourful website - which is a great little trip I can tell you - Epilepsy Warning! 

Link to BitcoinZ Website.


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