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HOP Majority Whip Tom Emmet

CBDC Dollars 'No' GOP Majority Whip Tom Emmer Signs Anti-Surveillance Bill

By XTRM™ | Cryptopia | 24 Feb 2023

CBDC Dollars 'No' GOP Majority Whip Tom Emmer Signs Anti-Surveillance Bill.

US Senate GOP Majority Whip Tom Emmet has dealt any potential USA version of a Central Bank Digital Currency Dollar a massive blow. Emmet has signed and passed with plenty of Republican support, a 'CBDC Anti-Surveillance Bill' - ushering what could be a precedent for other nations to do the same.

Republican GOP Whip Emmet hinted at the bill being passed to stop billionaires and unelected officials using any US Dollar CBDC for nefarious purposes - such as the many invasive, privacy and liberty eroding uses for CBDC's outlined by The World Economic Forum as examples.

Republican Andy Biggs also Tweeted his support on Twitter stating 'These unelected bureaucrats are driving us to an authoritarian state. That can't happen.'




This bill is great news for Crypto, any potential CBDC paranoid investors and non-investors (myself included), who may be worrying about CBDC's being used within an Authoritarian Chinese style rules system - but it is not yet the end cure by all means.

More will need to be done by nation governments, and citizens to hit back at any potential freedom eroding systems being attached to CBDC's. However... GOP Whip Tom Emmet has made a valiant start.

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