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Another One Bytes The Dust - Earning Favourite To Close

By XTRM™ | Cryptopia | 16 Jan 2021

I have been a happy member of Coinpot for a couple of years - with that also the partner crypto faucets by Moon - but recently the Coinpot App became a bit too glitchy to not sit up and take note.

For all past greatness that Coinpot one housed being one of the more original faucet claiming apps in its time - the Internet finally caught up and Coinpot started to see a drop in demand due to better, quicker and higher paying faucets sprouting up. 

My suspicions about the possibility of  Coinpot and Moon Faucets Imminent departure from the Internet as no support has been offered for months, and the app considerably out of date in respect to faucets in the faucet list - then were confirmef via website and app announcement today (16th January 2021) the the services were to close within the next couple of months - between January 31st and the end of February 2021 the applications will wind down and still accept withdrawals, converting and claims until Jan 31st.


Keep your eye on the application news section as things could change rapidly, in my opinion it is probably a good time to start winding down your own Coinpot and Moon Faucet accounts. This is what I shall be doing over the next few days.

Coinpot have announced a new Cryptocurrency project in the future. But this will not be following the faucet model.

Three great replacement faucets are still available and have set long term goals - I have myself been a long term member of the following three faucets and can vouch for the sincerity of the developers at all three.

Faucet Crypto - Multi Cryptocurrency Faucet - Tasks and Daily Bonus structure chat and support. Low withdrawal threshold - Click here to join

Express Crypto - Multi crypto faucet, tasks, games, chat, support - huge community - massive crypto and faucet inventory and micro wallet. One of if not the best and longest running crypto earner - In house exchange and quick withdrawals - Build your own faucets and link - Click here to join

FaucetPay - Along with Express Crypto Faucetpay are very well established with a huge inventory of Cryptocurrency faucets that link to the micro wallet housed at the earning facility. Again you can use various scripts to hook up and link to Faucetpay - also on offer are speedy conversations of crypto and withdrawals. FaucetPay also now have their own Cryptocurrency and staking via Feyora (FEY) - Click here to join



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