Crypto Mining PCs

Crypto Mining PCs

Ok, hey reader, what's up? Do you remember when I said, in the last post, that I would create a post like the other one but specifically for the crypto mining? That's because this site talks in the 99% of crypto, and it's another speech; so now, first of all, why it's another speech? Because mining pcs are much different from other purposes, if you see, mining pcs, or mining rigs, as you want to call them, are very much powerful, I mean dude there are mining pcs with like 10+ gpus what the f*ck, compared to gaming pcs, gaming pcs are like 100€ pcs from Wish... the other reason why I made a post only for mining pcs is that they cost a lot, obviously because more power=more money to spend. But now, don't get lost in this introduction, and let's start with my tips.

First of all, you could create a mining rig with every budget, starting from 400€ minimum, but remember you obviously won't earn that much than an higher value pc; second, you must buy an high core and clock frequency gpu and not a so good cpu, because you should mine with the gpu, but the cpu shouldn't be so bad because it can make bottleneck or any more problems, same for the rams.

Why the GPU is the most important thing in mining/I should use the GPU to mine?

Cryptocurrency mining was originally performed using CPUs, which its limited processing speed and high power consumption led to limited output, rendering the CPU-based mining process inefficient.
Enter GPU-based mining, which offered multiple benefits over the use of CPUs. A standard GPU, like a Radeon HD 5970, clocked processing speeds of executing 3,200 32-bit instructions per clock, which was 800 times more than the speed of a CPU that executed only 4 32-bit instructions per clock.
It is this property of the GPU that makes them suitable and better for cryptocurrency mining, as the mining process requires higher efficiency in performing similar kinds of repetitive computations. It is this property of the GPU that makes them suitable and better for cryptocurrency mining, as the mining process requires higher efficiency in performing similar kinds of repetitive computations. The mining device continuously tries to decode the different hashes repeatedly with only one digit changing in each attempt.


What components should I choose/buy?

There are many components that are usually recommended for crypto mining in 2021, usually they're the old but powerful 1070/ti/1080/ti (and there can be many of them), the new GPUs like the 3090 (they said that is good for mining), or the 3080 too. Obviously you can mine with every GPU, but remember that it needs to be a good GPU, it's the most important thing in a mining pc; for example, one my friend sometime mines with an AMD RX 590.
Talking about CPUs, which remember they aren't that much important if you mine with the GPU, but to avoid bottleneck problems and to start the pc (obviously xD) you should take a middle way (for example with a 1080ti you could take a 2600/1600AF a 1700x/2700x).
There are many videos/infos on the web and on YouTube talking about mining and it's PCs, I put some YouTube videos below the post.


Is it important to use more GPUs than one?

It isn't. More GPUs = more power, so you could (for example) create a mining rig with 4 RX 590s, or a mining rig with one 1080ti, obviously it's not the same, but I'm pretty sure that the four gpus combo is more powerful than the 1080ti.
On NVIDIA more GPUs than one is called "Sli", on AMD it's called "Crossfire".


Ok I think I finished with this post, sorry but I'm new to the mining topic, but I saw many videos talking about it in the past times; if I said something that's not correct say me in the comments or tagging me on the Publish0x Telegram Group (my @ is @Fillemooon).
Remember just to inform from trusted sites/youtube channels; the overall much important tips are: you must have a bit of capital to create a mining rig, starting from 400/500/600€; try always mining with GPU which is MUCH better than mining with CPU; you don't have to put more GPUs than one, but it could be a good idea.


Have a good day -Fillemooon
Give me your opinion in the comments or write me on Telegram (@Fillemooon) or Instagram (@itz.fillemooon).
Credits to @Kodiaq who helped me and said me some things to create the post.



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Hey, I'm nearly 14, I'm a gamer, student and I do some more things; I've always searched a method to earn money, probably videogames coulded (and could) create a good money earning method, but for now not, so I came here :)

When and How to buy a new PC.
When and How to buy a new PC.

In this blog I will explain how and when to buy a pc, because the web is full of shit talking about this topic, prices too (for example 1050tis at 200€), today in 2021 much more people know this, but there is still disinformation.

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