Earn Thousands of Dollars by Using this App!..... Not in this reality though

By Sinnerman | Whats What | 24 Apr 2021

The idea behind this post came to me after I downloaded the "Free Litecoin" app to see what the fuss is all about. This app basically lets you claim "Litoshi" every hour and allows you to watch ads, fill surveys, and complete objectives in other apps (which frequently requires using real world money) to earn more Litoshi. Now for reference 1 LTC = 100,000,000 Litoshi and 1 Litoshi = 1 Litoshi = 0.00000001 LTC. You cannot withdraw anything before you accumulate at least 100,000 Litoshi. Now if you're me and don't have a lot of time to watch 30-40 second ads for 30-200 Litoshi and you can't realistically open the app every hour to claim free Litoshi (can reach up to thousands but forget about it happening), then you'll likely earn around 500-1000 Litoshi on average daily, and that's being generous. Say you are earning 1000 Litoshi/day, it will take you 100 days to earn 100,000 Litoshi (0.001 LTC) and 100,000 days (273 years) to earn 1 Litecoin. An identical app also exists called "Free Bitcoin".

Now keep in mind you can increase the amount you earn "for free". If you opt-out of using real-world money in advertised games, you can fill surveys instead. But is it really free? At the end of the day, you are the product and you're spending real-world time. I sincerely doubt that most of us are able to set aside more than 2 hours per day for free time, and would choose that time to watch ads and fill surveys. Additionally, a lot of the offers (the ones I saw anyway) for 100-200k Litoshi require you to pay $5 inside an app or a game which translates to 0.022 LTC if you directly buy LTC. However, the 100-200k Litoshi would be equivalent to 0.001-0.002 LTC! Note: there are offers for 600k Litoshi, but again unless I'm unlucky (or blind) it's still better to directly buy LTC. What's worse are ads where they tell you to play a game and reach a certain level in the game to earn Litoshi without mentioning any real world spending. But, what they neglect to tell you is either you have to do it within a very narrow period which requires you to pay real money to be able to do so, or you can't progress to a higher level without using money.

But one thing that stuck with me were the ads. This apps advertise to you games you can play that will earn you thousands of dollars through PayPal! Play a cheap generic copy of candy crush and earn $57k a month!! Or play a game of dominoes gold and earn 50$! What the ads fail to tell you, is that you need to reach a certain level before getting paid and reaching that level will likely earn you around 2$ a month than thousands of dollars. Other apps/games have you contribute your own money first before you can "win" anything. 

Think about it, why would anyone offer you thousands of dollars for playing games? Where would they get the money from? Why isn't everyone rich then? The answer is that either you contribute through your own money or you get paid a very tiny amount to watch ads that make the company more than 1000x what they pay you. 

There is no such thing as free money. You either pay for something or you (and your time) are the product!

I, like everyone else, would love to earn free cash/coins with minimal effort, but that would be unrealistic and you'd be seeing everyone around you becoming rich. I rather stick to writing stories here for my own (and hopefully your) entertainment then spend hours watching ads, filling surveys, and using sketchy apps.

Thank your for reading this, enjoy the rest of your day/night.

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