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By QW | What shall we do with Bitcoin | 15 Sep 2020

Several months ago I found an amazing free program that helps me work with PC. Its name is Eye Saver. I carefully read the license terms, installed it, and started to use it. The program should be free of charge. To my great surprise, last week the program send me a notice screen, where was written some like: "we are glad to use our product but the circumstations are changed and it makes us change this free product to paid software. Because you are our loyal user we offer you a special price $3 for year license while the normal price is $10.
It makes me rather angry. Yes, I could accept that some kind of software is not free and I have to pay for that if I want to use them. It is OK. But I consider strongly unfair if someone declares and releases software as freeware and after several months he changes it to chargeable. So I started looking for a way to getting this stuff back.
The resolution is surprisingly simple. First, it is necessary completely remove the Eye Saver from the computer. I recommend using the free level of Revo Uninstaller which can remove any software by its built-in uninstaller. What is important is the Revo Uninstaller can find the remaining files and windows registry entry and delete them too.
The second step is a download Eye Saver or find an installer that was used before appearing a begging notice. It seems like a good idea to save this installer in an external device not delete it ;-)
The third and most important step is unconnect the network, preferable physically - unplug the LAN cable, turn wi-fi by switch an so on. Then install Eye Saver to your computer. When it finishes, you have to do one last thing, go to the program folder (commonly c:\Program Files (x86)\Eye Saver) and delete the file named "updater.exe"
Now you can connect your PC to the network. The Eye Saver is working and is really free as its author promised.

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What shall we do with Bitcoin
What shall we do with Bitcoin

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