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By QW | What shall we do with Bitcoin | 2 Sep 2020

The miner Cryptotab browser has a very interesting feature of mining efficiency. I have discovered it a short time ago. First, I was trying the Cryptotab on my old testing notebook. The mining performance was poor, about ten hashes per second, and I was able to mine approx one satoshi per hour. Please don´t laugh ;-) But what it was more important to me, I desired to check whether I get my earnings. And I got it.
So I install the Cryptotab on three other computers and I get a mining speed about one megahash per second. When mining speed increase ten times the earnings could increase ten times also to ten satoshis per hour, I expected. To my big surprise, the Cryptotab with 1 MH/s started to give from twelve to 14 satoshi per hour. It was interesting but not so much to make me follow up on this unusualness.
Until I need to make a strong performance testing of some computers. I know that there is special software for it, of course, but why I should use them when the mining software can do the same job? The Cryptotab seemed as a good idea. So, after installing on PC, the mining speed was wonderful 2 MH/s. On every computer and I have to make a performance test with 25 ones! Overall I obtain a speed of about 50 MH/s. Compared to my testing notebook the mining speed increase 500 times. Now the earnings should be also 500 times higher, but they are 3000 times higher! Although I don´t know why the mining performance is six-times bigger then numerical expectations. My "farm" gives approx 12000 satoshis per day.
In computers is used low-end CPU Pentium Gold G5420 with builtin GPU, so you can imagine, what I should manage with i9´s ;-)
Please note that it was a testing job, so the electricity was "free" because performance testing has electricity consumption regardless of what kind of software is used. Really this "farm" is able only to fill the price of consumed electricity in my country. CryptoTab Browser includes a built-in mining algorithm that allows using your computer resources for earning bitcoins while your computer is switched on for another reason - doing your work for example.

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What shall we do with Bitcoin
What shall we do with Bitcoin

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