StarCrazy Game Overview and Gameplay Guide

By JDstar | What is Starcrazy? | 24 May 2024

Here’s a comprehensive game guide for how to play StarCrazy and make the most of your experience in earnings and fun! What is StarCrazy?

StarCrazy is the latest blockchain Play-to-Earn game built on the IoTeX platform. IoTeX has 5 second transaction finality and transaction costs in fractions of a cent. This makes StarCrazy one of the more player friendly Play-to-Earn games on the online game market.

Players buy and sell Starz (NFTs) and can fuse them for a chance to create more valuable characters. Assign your Starz to mine to earn $GFT or GFS tokens. You can also stake your $GFT tokens in a liquidity pool for yet another way to earn.

StarCrazy’s tokenomics are very player-centric. Players control in-game direction with the GFS governance token. 100% of GFS tokens are earned by players. None are owned by the team.

$GFT is the utility token of StarCrazy. The total supply is capped at 30 million $GFT. All auction, trade, and fusion activities within Starcrazy are conducted using GFT, as well as future “battle arena” and social interactment features. The vast majority of GFT will be produced in the form of in-game mining, and $GFT transaction fees will be added to the bonus pool for $GFS holders to share.

$GFS is a governance/DAO token for the GameFantasy ecosystem. The total supply is capped at 30 million $GFS with 100% fair distribution (i.e., no team share, no ecological share). $GFS will enable exclusive in-game features and mining rewards and provide governance rights in the StarCrazy DAO. $GFS can be earned by providing liquidity for IOTX-GFT pair on mimo and staking IOTX-GFT LP tokens in StarCrazy.

How to buy IOTEX, GFT and GFS. Watch this video.

You can buy IOTEX, GFT and GFS at Mimo.Finance — DEFI Market

StarCrazy Game Overview

1.To perform in-game operations, make sure you have at least 10 IOTX in your wallet for gas. There must be at least 10 IOTX as a maintaining balance in your wallet to be able to make any transaction in the game.

2.Turn off your VPN and any Ad-Blockers to avoid any wallet connection issues.

3.The game can be played on both ioPay Desktop or ioPay Mobile.

4.The game loading interface may take up to 10 seconds to load (please wait patiently) and will ask you to sign a transaction with your wallet to enter the game.

StarCrazy Gameplay Instructions

1.My Starz: view all of your StarCrazy NFTs and explore their unique characteristics.

2.Fusion: fuse two NFTs together to have a chance to form a rarer NFT with higher digging power.

3.Market: bid, buy, and sell NFTs with other StarCrazy players

4.Starmine: mine $GFT & $GFS by holding NFTs and staking IOTX-GFT LP tokens

Once you enter the StarCrazy game, you will see four tabs at the bottom of the main game interface where you will perform various actions: My Starz: NFT display interface

The “My Starz” tab is the default game initialization interface where you can select your language of choice (for now: English, Chinese) and view your StarCrazy NFTs. If you don’t have any NFTs yet, don’t worry! You can obtain your first NFT in the StarCrazy Market. Once you have NFTs, you can click the exclamation mark in the upper right corner to view the NFT’s unique characteristics. If your NFT’s total score reaches one, the NFT’s background will change. There are 8 colored crystal balls on the bottom of each NFT, each corresponding to the quality/rarity of a body part of your NFT. This allows you to identify which NFTs to synthesize to create higher quality NFTs (more on this in the next section). Finally, the search bar allows you to easily view card attributes corresponding to your NFT ID #.

The upper and middle of the game interface can switch the language displayed in the game. The search function at the bottom of the diagonal can let you easily view the card attributes corresponding to a certain id at present. There are 8 colored crystal balls in the middle of the lower part of each card, and each crystal ball corresponds to the quality of a part of the card. This way you can easily know the approximate quality information of this card and find the appropriate card when you combine it.

Fusion: NFT fusion interface

The Fusion tab allows you to fuse two NFTs into a higher quality NFT. When fusing, all attributes of the “parent NFTs” will be inherited by the newly formed NFT, where the quality/rarity of all body parts will be reset according to the quality of the parents To retain the quality/rarity of a specific body part, then both parents must have that quality/rarity. To fuse two of your NFTs, select the two you want to combine and then click “dispatch”, which will call a smart contract and after ~10 seconds you will receive a new composite NFT of higher quality/rarity.

Value of different parts:

Make it more fun

Market: NFT auction/trading interface

The StarCrazy Market interface is divided into three sections:

Free Market

The “Free Market” tab allows you to list your NFTs for sale, or purchase NFTs from other players that have listed theirs for sale. It is up to the NFT owner to decide the listing price. You can click the exclamation mark of each NFT to view its characteristics, and click “Buy” to purchase. Please wait ~10 seconds after confirming for your purchase to settle; if your GFT balance is sufficient, the NFT will be added to your collection. Each page shows up to 10 NFTs, and you can navigate to other pages using the arrows at the bottom of the screen. Filtering features will be added soon so you can search for NFTs with specific characteristics — stay tuned!

Official Auction

The “Official Auction” tab enables users to purchase first-edition NFTs. There will always be 20 NFTs waiting to be adopted. Once any player bids on one of them, a countdown will begin for a certain number of blocks (each block is ~5 seconds). If another bid is made by another player, the countdown for this NFT auction will be extended by a certain number of blocks. Until there are no new bids, the final bidder will win the auction and receive the NFT, which you can claim in the “My Transaction” tab. Note that the refresh function is currently under optimization, so the list of NFTs available for auction may not be real-time.

My Transaction

The “My Transaction” interface lists all of the NFTs you have, including those you are selling and those you have won at auction. You can also list your NFTs for sale on the “Free Market” via the “My Transactions” tab. Once you list your NFT for sale and someone purchases your NFT, a 0.3% fee (adjustable later by DAO) will be charged and deposited into the community dividend pool for $GFS holders to share. As shown in the above figure, “Receive” indicates NFTs you bid for from auction, and “Get Back” indicates NFTs you have listed for sale on the “Free Market” that you can revoke at any time. Note that there is no time limit for “Free Market” sales.


In the “StarMine” tab, you can mine $GFT and $GFS.

NFT Mining: Earn $GFT

Let’s start with $GFT mining — all StarCrazy NFTs have an attribute called “Dig Power”, which determines the $GFT mining power of each unique NFT. The more Dig Power you have, the more $GFT you can earn, which can then be used to purchase and/or synthesize more NFTs. Once you dispatch an NFT to dig for minerals, the card will be removed from your inventory, but it will still be visible within StarMine and can be recall at any time. In other words, any NFT dispatched for $GFT mining will temporarily not belong to you (i.e., not available for sale) until you recall it back to your inventory. Any NFTs you have dispatched to dig/mine will be displayed in this dashboard, and you can claim your $GFT mining rewards at any time by clicking “Claim”.

All You Need to Know on How to Buy and Stake IOTEX, GFT, GFS.

Where to buy IOTEX, GFT and GFS:
Mimo.Finance — DEFI Market

LP Mining: Earn $GFS

To mine $GFS, click on the “LP Mining” button. To mine $GFS, you will first need to provide liquidity to the IOTX-GFT pair on mimo DEX — you can find instructions here

By providing liquidity to the IOTX-GFT pair on mimo, you will receive IOTX-GFT Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens, which represents your share of the IOTX-GFT token pool. By having IOTX-GFT LP tokens associated with your wallet, you will automatically receive $GFS tokens, which is like holding shares in StarCrazy. $GFS holders will share rewards from the bonus pool (e.g., the 0.3% of $GFT transaction fees per NFT sale) and also enable other in-game benefits within StarCrazy. $GFS will be distributed 100% fairly and only by way of contributions to the StarCrazy game.

Syrup Pool: Earn $GFT

$GFS holders will share rewards from the bonus pool (e.g., the 0.3% of $GFT transaction fees per NFT sale) and also enable other in-game benefits within StarCrazy. $GFS will be distributed 100% fairly and only by way of contributions to the StarCrazy game.

Syrup Pool is where 30% of the monthly game revenue is added and distributed to $GFS holders.

To do this, you need to stake $GFS in the Syrup Pool.

You can buy starter IOTEX, GFT and GFS: Mimo.Finance — DEFI Market

Steps to enter the game:

Option 1: Metamask

Step 1: Install the metamask:

Step 2: Add a custom RPC/Network In the MetaMask browser extension, open the “Networks” drop-down menu at the top, and click the “Add Network”:

Step 3: Input the respective network values for IoTeX Mainnet:

Network Name: “IoTeX Mainnet”

RPC URL: See Babel API Endpoints » (Example:

Chain ID: 4689

Symbol: IOTXExplorer URL:

Step 4: Click the Save button and make sure IoTeX is selected as the active network

Step 5: Click the link to enter the game:


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What is Starcrazy?
What is Starcrazy?

StarCrazy is a play-to-earn NFT game that is decentralized and is the No.1 DApp on the IoTeX blockchain. In the game, you can collect Starz and planets, fuse Starz to create endless combinations, and even mine tokens. The game has its own native tokens, $GFT and $GFS, which keep the StarCrazy metaverse running. Their supply is capped at 30M respectively.

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