The Myubi Vision: A Win for All

By Siboys | What is Myubi? | 16 Jul 2019

Myubi seeks to provide a secure and transparent way to deliver benevolent Myubi Tokens to individuals and communities in need. Blockchain technology (using a distributed public ledger) has been identified as the most effective and transparent method to achieve this goal.

Blockchain technology gives the ability to transfer Tokens in a peer-to-peer manner (directly person-to-person) without the need of a central authority (such as banking and government institutions), greatly reducing fees and cross-border inconveniences. Blockchain also provides the secure foundation required for the development of decentralised applications which enable benefactors to connect, share and receive benevolent Tokens. These are the core benefits that blockchain technology provides that are in line with Myubi’s vision.

Although blockchain technology is still nascent and poorly understood outside of technical circles at this time, Myubi seeks to provide a frictionless environment to allow mass adoption of UBI utilising blockchain and web application technologies.

Myubi will provide a platform that features a range of benevolent blockchain-powered applications designed to create and distribute benevolent Tokens globally on behalf of governments, charitable organisations, benefactors, schools, businesses, community groups, and individuals. Specifically, the Myubi Token’s core feature is to empower the above groups to make a difference in alleviating the suffering of the poor and vulnerable by delivering a daily basic income.

Myubi for Individuals and Project Partners   Individuals

Myubi Tokens are sent directly to individuals (direct beneficiaries) based on daily participation. Individuals are empowered by using Myubi Tokens for:

  • Goods & Services in their local community

  • Trade for fiat currency

  • Donation to others in need and social good programs

Project Partners

Myubi empowers Project Partners selected by the Benevolent Board under the following categories:

  • Disaster recovery

  • Financial relief

  • Water and sanitation

  • Environmental protection

  • Education

  • Medicine/vaccinations

  • Cultural heritage and arts

A Win for All

At the heart of Myubi, we are bringing new value to communities by allowing all participants to share in its success by receiving a modest daily income. Beneficiaries have increased economic incentives to utilise Myubi Tokens in their local communities and further afield given its intended global outreach.

Real on the ground results

  • Daily benevolent Token releases to those in need

  • Village life enhanced

  • Keeping families together through financial independence

  • No need to sell or market children due to financial desperation

  • Consequential reduction of:

    • Fake orphanages

    • Reduction in crime, drugs, prostitution

  • Replant native vegetation

  • Micro-lending environments supporting community growth

  • Rapid startup of small village businesses

  • Fresh water wells / fresh water projects

  • Training the most vulnerable to be proactive with digital currency

  • Greater literacy, the ability to afford basic schooling

  • Enhanced living standards

  • Enhanced happiness

  • Micro-funded arts and crafts

  • Sustainable old culture in a modern world

  • Help ease overburdened government spending

  • Can be linked with birth control programs

  • Long term sustainable populations


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What is Myubi?
What is Myubi?

Myubi provides an easy and secure way to receive, distribute and save benevolently donated blockchain tokens (Myubi Tokens) using a secure mobile cryptocurrency wallet.

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