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Art is a very wide term. It has been defined by too many authors, dictionaries, and even writers — and they all called it an expression. It is an expression of thoughts, emotions, and ideas. Everything that meets your eyes were arts, made up with arts, or expressed using an art. The term is generalizable.


We may not realize nor be aware of but art has been and will always be part of our lives. It is like we are born with it. People misunderstood the idea of art, because they all thought it was about paintings, drawings, portraits, when it is not. There are so many ways on how to express yourself that you are not aware you are already doing an art. Some thinks that it is all about the beautiful photography they’ve seen online that defined arts. But, art is always present and will always exists even if admired or not. It is always part of our daily routines and we just don’t notice.


We are awakened by a global pandemic, COVID-19, and we all felt the fear, panic, and worst is some suffered from anxiety. We are told to stay at home since the virus should be contained said by the government, and so we did. No malls, no works, no public vehicles, and we are just at home with our family and loved ones. As expected, boredom strike bigtime. Thus, the creativeness of the people took place — the art of time management. Since almost everyone of us are stuck in the four corners of our houses, some learned new things and discovered their talents. This is when the role and relevance of art during this pandemic became useful. People spend their time on learning how to draw, portray, or paint. Some did everything to learn the steps of the trending dance crazes, and that is art. Some learned how to play different instruments, and music is also an art. Some take their time on composing lyrics for their song, and that is art. Some wrote poems, novels, and maybe those who are talented in writing already published their own story and book. No one notices that what they are doing is art, but it is as long as you are expressing yourself in a creative way. The role of art is important during pandemics or wars not just only because it could be a pass time but sometimes you can discover how much more you can do during these hardest moments. This pandemic might have built fear and anxiety to us, but deep down we are still thinking of the positivity and hope. Even if we are left bored in a corner, we still think of how can we spend our time without wasting any of it.


I’m afraid I will be caught lying if I did not admit that I am one of those people who felt the boredom. Since this is all about the role and relevance of art during pandemic or wars, I found myself remembering what have I done since Enhanced Community Quarantine implemented. Did I discovered things that I thought I couldn’t do? Most of us teenagers, are used on going to malls, hanging out with friends, going to public places like parks, in short we are used on being outside. On the contrary, the government prohibited activities that requires physical contacts. We needed to stay at home with our family, and specially our gadgets. And social media was blown up with the tantrums of the youths about how bored they are. I am one of those actually but we ain’t got nothing to do. As I lay on my bed, I checked upon my room and saw the need of it to be cleaned. I reorganized my things. I thought of a creative way on rearranging my room and designing it — that is my kind of art. This is the part where the role of art hits me. I found myself admiring beautiful photographs on my Instagram newsfeed. And as of this, I have read that art is not just about a piece itself, it can also be in a way that you understands an art and admires the message of it, that makes your mind become an art. You can look upon deeper meanings of arts, you can feel the emotion behind a piece just by looking at it, it is an art of the mind. I may not be as talented as the others, but I know deep inside there’s something I can do that can be considered an art.


The global pandemic have spread scare among people, but we should not let it grow bigger and bigger. There are activities we can do to lessen the stress and anxiety we are feeling because of it. We can dance along with the trending dance videos. We can use a karaoke on our mobile phones and sing our favorite songs. We can compose a story, poem, songs, and no one knows how much will it get through when published. Technology has too much to offer — the social media. But, these things can also be done without your social media. Art always exists, you just have to find it and let it went through your system.


- charmingcherry

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