What Happens To DeFi Today? (15 Dec 2022, Thursday)

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Current Price: $ 6.74 (24h Changes: -2.38 %)

Current Market Cap: $ 3,304,393,054 (24h Changes: -2.31 %)

Positive News

ChainLink price analysis: LINK increases by 4% after strong bullish influence

Source: Cryptopolitan

Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2022 04:20:12

ChainLink price analysis for December 14, 2022, reveals the market following an upward movement, showing increasing momentum, signifying positivity for the LINK market. The price of ChainLink has remained bearish over the past few hours.

Negative News

Worst Performing 3 DeFi Tokens This Week: SushiSwap, Curve DAO Token, and Chainlink Are The Coins That Plummeted Most

Source: Coingape

Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2022 04:29:57

This week, most of the coins in the crypto market had been trading in red. The result of this is that most coins on DeFi have been trading in the negative as well.



Current Price: $ 5.97 (24h Changes: -1.42 %)

Current Market Cap: $ 4,497,491,719 (24h Changes: -1.55 %)

Positive News

Uniswap price analysis: Bullish lead takes UNI to $6.09

Source: Cryptopolitan

Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2022 02:24:07

Uniswap price analysis for today shows an uptrend in the UNI/USD pair, with a bullish lead taking it from $5.86 to the $6.09 mark. The bullish momentum that started yesterday is continuing today, with strong buying pressure from the market pushing UNI up.

Neutral News

Azarus Lists on Uniswap and Onramps Multimillion Streaming Audience to Blockchain

Source: BeInCrypto

Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2022 03:32:38

Azarus will be hosting a keynote stream in partnership with Animoca Brands on Wednesday, December 14th (11 pm PST on Tuesday, December 13th) at 7 am UTC to reveal the imminent listing on Uniswap of the AzaCoin, an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum mainnet, which will list on Uniswap on January 11, 2023.



Current Price: $ 62.44 (24h Changes: 0.48 %)

Current Market Cap: $ 884,533,431 (24h Changes: 0.76 %)

Positive News

Aave price analysis: Price up again as bullish momentum extends to $62.79

Source: Cryptopolitan

Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2022 02:57:32

Aave price analysis suggests a strong bullish trend for today, as the coin has raced higher after crashing down at the start of the trading session. A considerable rise in coin value was detected throughout the day, and the bullish momentum has placed AAVE as one of the early recoverers from today's market crash.



Current Price: $ 1.13 (24h Changes: 2.82 %)

Current Market Cap: $ 923,200,918 (24h Changes: 2.64 %)

Negative News

Weekly Analysis Of The Cryptocurrency Market: Altcoins Continue To Crash And Reach Bull Fatigue

Source: Coin Idol

Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2022 09:00:00

Cryptocurrency prices are falling rapidly and have entered a more bearish trend zone.



Current Price: $ 602.74 (24h Changes: 1.07 %)

Current Market Cap: $ 543,307,406 (24h Changes: 0.85 %)

Neutral News

MakerDAO increases its DAI Savings Rate, thanks to competitive DeFi landscape

Source: AMBCrypto

Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2022 09:30:44

Following an executive proposal decided upon on 11 December and executed on-chain on 12 December, MakerDAO [MKR] implemented an increment of its DAI Savings Rate from 0.01% to 1%.



Current Price: $ 1.89 (24h Changes: 1.57 %)

Current Market Cap: $ 455,453,493 (24h Changes: 1.68 %)

Positive News

Synthetix releases V3 governance module update but is this enough to boost SNX

Source: AMBCrypto

Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2022 12:30:05

Synthetix has slowed down in 2022 in its DeFi pursuits, just like many crypto networks have during the bear market. Regardless, the network remains committed to its long-term pursuits and this was evident in its latest endeavor.


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What Happens To Crypto Today?
What Happens To Crypto Today?

"What happens to crypto today?" is a crypto news curator that curates high-quality and insightful crypto news daily for you.

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