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Guardian readers react to 'crypto'

This post is a bit of fun, and in no way intended to ridicule anyone. If anything, it highlights the general misconceptions and lies being propagated by the UK mainstream media, in this case the Guardian.

This is just the tip of a very sceptical iceberg (or melted iceberg because you know bitcoin mining is the only factor driving climate change...


This post has a point, it is a shining example of how you appear when you don't do any research and lump all crypto together into one group.  "ApeCoinDogeShit is a Ponzi so therefore all crypto is bad".  

If you are going to dismiss an entire industry, at least do a bit of research into the scam you are comparing it to...  and what is it? A scam, a ponzi, or a bubble?


Wait, now it's a pyramid scheme.... Designed by criminals for criminals, so it's a pyramid for criminals, a 'Crimamid' if you will. (I might actually create that token for giggles).


This one is a bit more accusatory, I apparently support criminals and hate the world we live in.  Actually for me it's only one of those, but I'll let you guess which ;)

Please tell me have criminals ever used $ or £?


Thanks for clearing that up, we've another vote for ponzy (Ponzi?) scheme.  But now you're saying it's value based on speculation, unlike a treasury bond or 'guilt'.  To be fair the government has plenty it should feel guilty about...

At least this commentator realises there is value to Blockchain technology. But for now, maybe they would find more value in a spelling checker.


Ah some praise, Bitcoin is the holy trinity.  That must be for it's decentralisation, its traceability and its... oh wait that's not what you were getting at.

Greed = because no one has ever been greedy outside of Bitcoin mining

Environmental Harm = because Gold, Oil, Gas just fall off the trees

Financial Scam = because banks have clean hands when it comes to handling our money...


Another one who has a point, I can't help but cry a little at the ignorance people show towards things they don't understand and then proceed to broadcast their opinion as if fact.

I could have easily filled this article with thousands of comments like the above, and that's not an exaggeration.  But I only have a certain amount of patience to read comments like this.

I'm sure there is agreement among us who know a little bit more, that some of the comments above can be true when mentioned in context to specific crypto shitcoins or even projects.  However, to take the example of one rug pull to form your opinion of the market is naïve at best.  It's like saying I bought a kebab for £1 that gave me the trots, therefore the whole £GBP financial system is a scam.

Are we still early and yet to conquer the great adoption barrier, or do these people have a point?  Let me know in the comments as debate is healthy in a functioning society.

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