Where is my SPARK?!? Flare was supposed to drop some FLR for my Ripple XRP!!!

Holders of Ripple (XRP) back in December 2020 were included in a "snapshot" that will result in the issuance of a new token.

That token is Spark (FLR) from the Flare Network.

Multiple sources suggest that the airdrop will occur during quarter 2 of 2021.  Here we are.  Where's the Spark?  Where is our FLR?  Is there any news?

Yes, there is news. 

Ripple was nearly ruined in value for a brief time because of the U.S. SEC attack on XRP. The fiat price of XRP soared on speculation of the FLR airdrop until the SEC action took place.  That was terrible for holders of XRP and those waiting for an airdrop.

XRP has largely rebounded and even exceeded previous fiat value.

Flare should make the issuance of Spark within this second quarter of 2021.  There may even be a second issuance after the initial drop. 

Will it have value considering the association to XRP?  Will those wallets that receive airdrops hold the FLR or will immediate sales of the token occur? 


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What am I doing with my Crypto?

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