Original Poem: Flesh and Blood
Portrait Doodle

Original Poem: Flesh and Blood

Mannequin rest is a sign of weakness
and cheap plastic.
My stock at the Sears downtown
believes that since they look human,
they should receive pay and benefits
like my flesh and blood employees.

I'm so tired of emphasizing
to these hollow Betties and Bernies
that they were designed, built and purchased
for the sole purpose of displaying garments.
I’m not the one to blame
for their poor quality of life.

Even if their plight was real
or at all justifiable,
how am I supposed to provide
services for company property?
I'm just a shift manager!

I’ve tided them over for now
by letting them form an in-store mannequin union
in the basement (Thursday and Saturday nights
from 7 to 9), but until they’re legitimate,
I'm not breathing a word of this to the higher-ups.



First draft posted to WHARVED Dec 20, 2010
Updated version posted to WHARVED Jan 4, 2020


I am a poet and outsider artist based in the US. I am quite detail-oriented when it comes to English grammar.

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