It's a Me!

It's a Me!

Hey folks,

I don't think I took the time to properly introduce myself, mainly because I needed to figure out how I'd go about doing that.

Initially I didn't view Publish0x as a platform akin to Wordpress (where I've had my blog, WHARVED, for 9+ years), because of the incentivized nature of posting and direct reward for basic attention in the form of a token with that exact name. It's a new concept, and I've been trained to be wary of "receiving something for nothing", so I needed a little convincing.

After a little less than a week of getting acquainted with the platform and collecting BAT for reading posts (with traces of DAI and HYDRO sprinkled in), I noticed the potential for this site. Quality posts will quite often receive better tips than their less-favored counterparts, just as a matter of principle. I applied to be an author and was authorized pretty quickly thereafter. 

So although I'm not a crypto maven like a lot of other contributors on this site (and I really appreciate reading their ideas!), I figure I might as well plant my flag in the sand with absurdist poetry and prose. If you think of crypto as the impetus for decentralizing our various global economic models in favor of more universal units/stores of value, then you would be right there with me. As far as the other more technical things, I'll go ahead and leave that to the experts. 

Our very existence in this universe is predicated upon numerous occurrences in the chaos/void of space, whether or not they were preordained (we have the religious folks to thank for that enigma). I base my writing off of this notion. If it could happen, it may happen. My narratives are often loaded with non sequiturs, and I often use vernacular. I prefer to feel like the person reading my work can hear someone talking to them.

Oh, and I draw a bit as well. Mostly (99.6%) ballpoint pen on paper is my preferred medium.

Okay, so TL;DR --> I'm a new-ish poster with a fondness for crypto and the great unknown elements of existence.

Cheers, people! Happy HODLing!


I am a poet and outsider artist based in the US. I am quite detail-oriented when it comes to English grammar.

WHARVED: One Thought at a Time
WHARVED: One Thought at a Time

This blog consists of the various musings in my organic stream-of-consciousness algorithm I’ve developed over the past 9+ years at Crypto may or may not be involved. Happy HODLing!!

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