Complete List of Active Move to Earn Projects [2023]

By WenMun | WenMun | 8 Aug 2023

Yo, what’s poppin’, crypto enthusiasts?

It’s your main man here, ready to drop some serious knowledge bombs on you. Today, we’re talkin’ the ultimate Move to Earn crypto list. It’s time to hustle, grind, and secure that crypto bag, just like we do in the streets. So if you like move to earn crypto games and apps, start downloading and stacking them crypto, fam, ’cause class is in session!

Why should you be slidin’ into the “Move to Earn” app category like a boss? Let me break it down for you real smooth — it’s all about that passive cheddar flow, straight to your pockets. This game ain’t about sittin’ glued to your screen all day, nah, it’s about makin’ moves in the background while you handle your business. 

Some may say "yea yea Move to Earn is old news".

But hey, M2E is only coming into it's 2nd cycle for the next bull run man. Still loads of gains to be made.

Imagine this: you’re stackin’ paper while you sip on your favorite drink on your morning walk, vibes kickin’, and you ain’t even gotta be eyeballin’ the app 24/7. It’s like having your own personal money-making squad doin’ the heavy lifting while you live that luxury life.

So, here’s the deal — “Move to Earn” is the plug for that effortless, low-key hustle. You’re playin’ it smart, gettin’ that paper, and still got time to shine like the superstar you are. Download that app, let it do its thing, and watch them crypto coins stack up like a boss. It’s a game-changer, believe that.

I went through and checked through the projects that are still at least posting actively on Twitter.

You know how them jeets come and go. Well, here it is.


The ULTIMATE Move to Earn List


  1. Sweat Economy
  2. Walk Mining
  3. Run Legends
  4. Defit
  5. Tracer
  6. Get Fit Mining
  7. Walkn (Use Code QIJ5BML)
  8. Xportify
  9. DotMoovs (Use Code DSFOCTLP)
  10. Amino Rewards
  11. STEPN
  12. Step App (Use Code 45BE928)
  13. Dustland Runner (DOSE token)
  14. Genopets
  15. PUML
  16. MOVEZ
  17. STEP (Walk With Step)
  18. beFitter
  19. Super Athletes Token
  20. GAMI World
  21. Ezzy Game
  22. Stepwatch (Rebranding to Sprint)
  23. Wirtual
  24. Calo App
  25. Galvan
  26. VicMove
  27. Actifit
  28. Rebase GG
  29. Aircoins World

There you have it, fam — your blueprint to earnin’ crypto like a certified boss. The crypto world ain’t no joke, but with the right knowledge and the right moves, you can secure that bag and ride the wave to financial freedom. So get out there, hustle hard, and remember, we’re all in this crypto game together. Stay fly, stay hungry, and keep stackin’ them crypto gains. Peace out! 🚀🔥

PS: If you like these move to earn crypto apps, download other apps that allow you to earn crypto straight from your mobile as well.

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