Loves Me / Loves Me Not (Whats new in alternative music)
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Loves Me / Loves Me Not (Whats new in alternative music)

Loves Me / Loves Me Not is one of our series of shares with what we've found to be interesting in the absolute underground and layers of the independent world. It's odd and lovely and sometimes you'll want to leave, but stick around - it's more fun this way.


We also started adding the tracks from our LMLMN posts in a spotify playlist for further enjoyment, you can find it here:




Safari - Are’s Daughter + Spoken

Safari were spending so much time in the bush that they forgot to let us know they released a bunch of lovely tunes 2 months back - much luck however, we’re gonna cover 2 of the tunes for your pleasure this time!

The first one ‘Are’s Daughter’ is personally one of my favourite tunes in some time as it connects a nice big array of solid influences and manages to somehow pack them all into a solid 4min package. It’s lofi, it’s certain diy, there’s some dorky The Frogs vibes that merges into the lofi slackery early Built to Spill which then goes full Pixies aka ‘Break My Body’ from Surfer Rosa - I’m fucking loving the screams around the 2 min part. It’s just a beautiful chill, noise and quite pleasant 4 min of your time, I’d recommend going twice.

‘Spoken’ is the second track we got sent off of the ‘Draw’ release from earlier this year. It’s a little less ‘full on’ than Are’s Daughter, but still quite a pleasant company. The vocal melodies show one of the major strengths of ‘Safari’, it’s kept really simple, often repetitive but the melodies keep it all floating extremely well - and then I have to say - that their singer has the same tone as Black Francis is just an amazing plus - for someone who still loves to go back an listen to Surfer Rosa, Trompe Le Monde, Doolittle and other old Pixies albums, this gives me hope that there’s new blood coming! I look forward to what the time will bring for Safari if they end up in the right hands.


Yaehsun - Show Me How You Love

Like a soothing bedroom version of early Tame Impala, Yaehsun gets away with copying all the nice things of TI without coming across as a silly ripoff - many have gone that way and never delivered - It’s not the case here. It’s damn smooth and I would be very inclined to put this tune on a sunday chill playlist - something I would most likely never do with a Tame Impala track. I look very much forward to seeing what else will come from this outfit! 


Mouthbreather - Modern Girl

This is about as “folky” as it gets for us, but it’s not really folk - it’s got way too much of something else that I’m not quite sure how to pin down. Somehow I feel like I’m hearing this mix of Oasis and the National, but I’m not sure - I am sure though that that’s only a good thing. Lyrics tells a pretty straight ahead and nice story, the video has some really nice cartoon-parts that was a pleasure to spend time with. It’s a pretty simple song but I have a feeling that a lot of work and love went into this, it’s definitely worth a listen and a watch, just to take a quiet breather while everyones passing by around you in highspeed. You don’t always need to go fast, remember to enjoy the things and people around you <3


I, Doris - Just Some Doris

Oh another home-run from Britain before they exit EU, if anything I hope that the whole thing will bring a ton of great music built on anger and frustration. This lovely little tune by Doris is rather comical, not in the annoying way of course, it’s more dorky - Dorky Doris, fuck I’d love to have a friend who called herself that. Now I love dorky, although naming yourself dorky is probably more ballsy than dorky, anyhow enough of this - the tune is cosy, you’ll enjoy it! I for one hope I get to see I, Doris live sometime! 


Pink Soup - Epiphany

Loads of lofi bedroom-electro vibes in this sleepy slacker tune from Pink Soup, it’s a perfect soundtrack for a delirious sunday stroll to the local grocery store still halfway gone from last nights escapades. I have absolutely no idea what’s really being sung about, but it doesn’t matter, I feel whats going on and thats exactly what the track’s supposed to do - switch your mind off and just let go for a little while, we’ll be okay, this boat is gonna dock on the other side somewhere.


The Oxen - Glass Pastures

Damn perfect tune for getting completely lost - this track makes me want to get a garden, somewhere I can just lie down on grass and have butterflies and bumblebees flying around above my head. I’m going to need some sunflowers too - I can already see them swaying in tune to this song with the wind, it’s going to be fucking magical!

The tune evolves beautifully also - it’s smooth sailing with the change-up of a c-part where it gets a bit more rocky, but you’ll be back - it’s like a pretty nice guided audio-meditation - letting you ride their magical rollercoaster safely back to the docking bay. I’d love to try some of the other rides in this delicious theme park <3


Royal Target - By My Side

This tune reminds me of the first albums by bands like Beat Happening and the Vaselines. There’s some sort of “puppy like” thing about songs on those albums as there is with this tune by Royal Target. It’s kinda tumbling ahead in the most charming of ways. This song gets some extra vibe by the thick german “english” accent, it just really works. 

I know from conversation that the tune itself holds enormous meaning to the artist and is quite personal, which is always a nice thing to know that something was created with a lot of emotion - that’s why songs like this works out, you don’t to drown in technical skills or have equipment more expensive than your house, you just need integrity and emotion. I hope 2020 will bring plenty of more songs down this road.


Modesta - Ode to the Peculiar

This is about as ‘poppy’ as it gets for us, but it’s so damn good this here. It’s like cutting hot butter with a sharp knife or watching someone squeeze silly putty in slow motion, I mean come one - that stuff is trance-like! Why do you think ASMR is so popular these days - I’m pretty sure Modesta is the true link between music and asmr. You should give it a try, it will make your day better, promise!



Take care everyone and see you soon <3

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