How to Create a Free Website in under 2 minutes in 2020

How to Create a Free Website in under 2 minutes in 2020

By McCharlie Sins | WeLeadTogether | 6 May 2020

Nowadays, making a website is not hard for anyone, but it charges a lot of money. There are people who wants to try out Wordpress Installation and to do much more by owning a website. But to own a website without any investment is Becoming difficult day by day. But here I am with a Special Website which will help you to create a WEBSITE FOR FREE!


For creating a new Website, You'll just have to go to Biznf Website.

Here are the Steps:

Step 1: Click here to create your own website now!
Step 2: Register for a New Account!
Step 3: After Registration, Just go to the Domain Manager.
Step 4: Click on Create a Free Domain.
Step 5: Enter the Domain which you want!
Step 6: Hit Create. You're all Done.

You have successfully created your Domain, Now you'll Need to Test your Website, Go to the File Manager section and Upload Your HTML Files or Script in order to start creating your Website.

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