Will Litecoin Bull Run Reach Up To 500 In 2021?

Will Litecoin Bull Run Reach Up To 500 In 2021?

Litecoin does not wait for Bitcoin to hit its new All-Time High. For a long time investment, I took my time to analyze and choose what would be my top crypto for this year, the result is EOS, LTC, ETH, DOT, XTM. These cryptos were in the zone of accumulative when I choose them as my favorite crypto of the year 2021. I did not list BTC because it is already on the moon. 

 I focus on Litecoin(my top 4) and DOT(top 2) and XTM(top 1), because in them where I can make more profit. I analyze and update DOT and LTC, I HODL more XTM as it is still not on the crypto market so far. On the day when XTM will be listed, I will share on Profitable Fx Crypto Trading(my Clan On Torum) the XTM price prediction and analysis. 

In the chart below, I drag the Fibonacci level to determine the movement and improvement of the Litecoin trend market. On Fibonacci support level for an uptrend is 100 at the bottom(swing low) and the resistance 0 at the top up the market(swing high). Between 100 and 0, are 61, 50, 38.2, 23.6 the minor swing level. I added the -127.2 and -161.8 levels to identify take profit one and three.  Litecoin broke out the minor swing 61, 50 so far and touched the resistance level of 38.2 the minor swing. If Litecoin breaks out this resistance level it will absolutely reach 23.6 level at the value 283USDT. I have strong assurance that Litecoin will move up to 370 the swing high this year. If Litecoin will break out then 370USDT, I am sure the uptrend to 500 probably hit this year as well. 



 I started to buy and predicted Litecoin at the price value of 120USDT. I keep holding Litecoin. Apparently, it will reach 370USDT, why not 500USDT this year.

Tools: Fibonacci, Monthly timeframe.


This is my own analysis, risk management is in your hand about how you manage your budget. I am not a financial advisor.

Good luck everyone, Be you and wise. 

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Fety Bernard Etienne(fetinafety)
Fety Bernard Etienne(fetinafety)

I am a crypto enthusiast, and trader, an investor in many various platforms, and protocol of blockchain around the world. I love talking about Cryptocurrency.

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