My Top 5 Crypto Coins And Token 2021

Nowadays the Crypto industry is rising, people don't stop buying crypto, even those who laugh at you when you bought Bitcoin in 2014 are beside you and ask you where to buy Cryptos. I remember the first time I knew Bitcoin in 2014 at the price of $900. There was no Ethereum. I wondered if I could buy it at its price or not. I did not Buy Bitcoin, because I saw it was high yet if I Buy now. Time went by, I see the Bitcoin still keeps going up and up again. As we see Bitcoin actually is 37000 around. But today I am not going to lead you to this first cryptocurrency. Instead of thinking of other coins and tokens for this year. My analysis is in this content is based on my technical analysis and supported by the research.   Well, In this article I am going to give my short summary of Coins and Tokens to beware this year.

5) EOS

EOS is a coin that empowers its blockchain protocol and platforms. EOS is just like Ethereum that enable to hosting of decentralized application, and easiest scale usability of commercial. EOS coin's Market cap rank is 16th on COINGECKO with a capitalization of $2.7Billion.There are no fees to SEND and RECEIVE EOS coin. The EOS actual price is around $2 after falling down from $8. As for me, it is a time to BUY more EOS and hold it until it will hit a new ATH of the trading $12. Personally, Now, I have no hesitation in buying EOS for a long time. See the picture below. So, EOS may rise up to $12 this year 2021.



LTC is a coin like Bitcoin that created in 2011, two years after Bitcoin is released. Litecoin is a peer-peer coin and silver coin in the world. Litecoin keeps the #7 rank on CoinGecko with the Cap of $10.3B. Litecoin was suffered too much in December 2019 with the trading price of $21 and in July 2020 with the price of $24. This price was the lowest price after the falling down from the trading price of $371. Now, Litecoin is ready to Pump up again. The Litecoin trading actual price is $157 and it should rise up again to hit the latest all-time high of $371 even more further to a new ATH of $600 according to my Technical Analysis using the Fibo level and MA indicator. Litecoin is rising in 2021 after the analysis I see in this chart below. 



ETH is a native coin on Ethereum Blockchain, Ethereum is the second-largest Coin in the crypto space after Bitcoin. Ethereum is an open-source decentralized application using the Smart Contract platform. Ethereum Market Cap is $157B with a 24h trading volume of $50B Instead of Bitcoins is a peer-peer open-source payment platform. Ethereum was working on PoW and move to PoS, 4000 ETH are staked so far when ETH arrive at POS, and this change will have a great impact on the crypto markets.


In my previous post, I explain more about Ethereum that which will on fire this year 2021. I begin my ETH prediction on November 22th, 2020. Check out ETH price Analysis on 22/11/2020 Check out EHT Analysis on December 2020 Check out ETH Analysis on January 3rd, 2021 According to my analysis, This ETH will rise up to 2200 so far this year 2021.


Polkadot is just like Ethereum blockchain that supports all Chains with a single network. Polkadot is a Parachain network that supports the features of the chain such as UTXO transactions on Bitcoin, Ethereum using Smart contract, and Zk Snarks for Zcash. You can take profit from Scalability, interoperability, and specialization based chain on Polkadot. Each chain on Polkadot named Parachain. Dots can connect to Relay Chain, ParaChains, Parathreads, and the most interesting one is Bridge. I am too new, I don't know much more about these Coins. However, After my analysis of this Coin will Boom this year 2021. DOT is with trading 24h trading volume of +$2.2B and Market Cap of +$15.7B. Chainlink is one of the Projects on Polkadot Network. As we see on ConGecko and CoinMarketCap the Alt are on fire as well as the Two Coins(DOT, LINK). According to my analysis, the DOT coin will rise up to $30 and can compete with Ethereum soon. I was looking for the DOT wallet, finally, I found TrustWallet to store DOT Coin.   


 1) Torum(XTM)

This is a new one. Torum is a centric social media platform that connecting worldwide crypto enthusiasts. XTM is an ERC-20 Token that circulates on the Torum platform. As for now, the token is not yet listed on the DEX nor CEX exchange. I have not to worry about it because I know it will definitely be listed as and tradeable Token on Different CEX and DEX soon, and on XTORUM EXCHANGE(Own Crypto Xchange). Now, you can buy XTM at the price of 1XTM/USDT=0.05 by participating in the IEO Pre-sale event here. XTM wishing pool. XTM token as for me will shake the corners of the earth this year 2021.  




These coins and the Tokens I mentioned were carefully considered before I shared them with you. Confident I would say it would be good for me to buy one or more of these this year. Long live Crypto and all Investors will get their fair share.  

Remember: "You Could Be Better Than You Think You Could Be"


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Fety Bernard Etienne(fetinafety)
Fety Bernard Etienne(fetinafety)

I am a crypto enthusiast, and trader, an investor in many various platforms, and protocol of blockchain around the world. I love talking about Cryptocurrency.

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