MetaMask New Feature: MetaMask Swap

On Monday, the 5th 2020 MetaMask browser has just exceeded one million users around the world in DeFi adoption. See the trendline chart below by MetaMask on Tweeter


It is the most secure and the simplest Ethereum blockchain application to store your own token and have access by the mnemonic phrase, private keys. MetaMask allows users to connect Dapp both DEXs aggregators liquidity such as Uniswap, Airswap, 0x API, Kyber, Paraswap, Dex.age, and so on so forth.

Stay on your MetaMask Wallet and Swap your Token. 

In Medium MetaMask Team said: "DeFi sites that offer the user safe and seamless trading by integrating their site with MetaMask attract more MetaMask users. And we, in turn, are helping users continue to explore and discover more of the ecosystem. MetaMask enables users to purchase ETH, store it safely, browse DeFi protocols and exchanges, and connect their wallets directly to these sites to trade easily and securely."

 MetaMask head of product Jacob Cantele said: "When we started building this functionality, we planned to bring a single DEX aggregator to MetaMask. We tested every DEX aggregator available, and found that results varied wildly based on the token and size of the swap the user was making.” 

 According to me, The DEXs aggregators said that they provide the best price but it is no longer the best ever. MetaMask team and work of ConsenSys build token Swap functionality safely on the MetaMask extension for their trust one million users around the world and Firefox users as well. The MetaMask Users have not to search the DEXs aggregators to escape high fees to swap Token while they stay within their MetaMask wallet and Swap with the fewer gas fee without stress.

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Fety Bernard Etienne(fetinafety)
Fety Bernard Etienne(fetinafety)

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