Does Bitcoin Correction Is Over?

Does Bitcoin Correction Is Over?

Hi everyone,

I am going to share my own opinion about the crypto market for a couple of the week. Generally, The Crypto has reached out to the upper resistance. The most valuable crypto over the market is Bitcoin and all eyes are on it.


 Bitcoin is not undervalued but I think, it's time for  #BTC to make a correction. Our Resistance level is at 52,000. On September, 7th, 2021 the Bitcoin in El Salvador, Bitcoin declined down to 42,800(-20%)and continues to make a range between 42,8000-47,000 so far. Each time Bitcoin wants to move up and break out the resistance, it is pushed back down. If 42,800 can't support, it could flip down to 40,000.

So, for this week, I am expecting Bitcoin's correction down to 40,000-38,000 before the bounce. It's hard to predict the actual market price as BTC didn't break out the 64,800 upper resistance.

We are here to wait for BTC 100k this year, I don't know if it will be achievable or not but I am living the current price. If BTC moves up I am bullish, but if the correction will be over, I am going to buy the dip again.

I consider my own thought, not financial advice but as an educational article instead. 

Happy trading everyone.


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Fety Bernard Etienne(fetinafety)
Fety Bernard Etienne(fetinafety)

I am a crypto enthusiast, and trader, an investor in many various platforms, and protocol of blockchain around the world. I love talking about Cryptocurrency.

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