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COS.TV: The Content Platform On Blockchain Technology

  This year 2020 has brought about many changes and developments in the history of the world. The covid-19 disease has spread, as has the DeFi chain. Nowadays, people like to spend their time watching videos on platforms like Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo while the Quarantine days. It is faster to convey a message through video Whether it’s teaching or singing. Almost, 80% of people spend their time watching videos.  

Several months ago I dived on LBRY TV that is connected to Odysee. I thought it is finally Youtube competitors. The only problem with LBRY and Odysee is that they are bugs and load very slow. But other than that, LBRY is one of my favorites Video content Platforms. However, that bug can cause problems for them and may disconnect and cause users to look for others.  

Blockchain Technology Grows fast.

  Just yesterday I saw a new tv channel named COS.TV. It is part of being able to compete with Youtube well because it is a decentralized platform on the blockchain technology. The Youngest Video content platform runs too fast like the Lambo, the content creator, and the viewer both earn money by using it on a daily basis. There are many features of COS.TV that helps you absolutely earn money every day. Such as Opening treasury, watching the video, Uploading your video, and daily sign-in where you can get free COS(COIN), BTC, and ETH. You earn a POP the circulating token on COS.TV that is nontransferable point but you can use at COS.TV only. The money you earn on COS.TV can definitely be withdrawn to the BTC, ETH wallet address of your choice.

The good will never fail.

  If you are interested then do not hesitate to go further to monetize your video on COS.TV  

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Fety Bernard Etienne(fetinafety)
Fety Bernard Etienne(fetinafety)

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