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The Sandbox platform

Metaverse in the Sandbox

Hello folks and welcome to my new blog post about the insides of the Metaverse!

In our previous blogs, we've mentioned a brief introduction about what Metaverse is, we took a decent peek inside some of the greatest platforms that have been already breaking, and today we're gonna continue with our next platform.

So in this blog, we're going to talk about one of the most popular platforms, which took massive popularity in a very short time interval and we're all familiar with its progress. If you're not, just check the currency's value before the end of October 2021. You'll see what I'm talking about.

The platform itself is called The Sandbox, of course. It is developed on the Ethereum blockchain and it's an open virtual universe where creators, investors, players and so many took part of it already. 

Moving around with your avatar like in already existing platforms Roblox, Minecraft and etc. But why is this game different?

We're going to look up to that too, but first,

Little tokenomics:

The native currency of the Sandbox is SAND with a $14,389,119,655 fully diluted market cap by the time of writing. As mentioned, it runs on the Ethereum blockchain and it's an ERC-20 utility token. The cost of 1 SAND is $4.8 approx, with an all-time high of $8.44, of course by the time of writing. The current circulating supply is less than a billion, which is 1/3 of the maximum total supply of the 3 billion SANDs.


So, what is SANDBOX, and why has it become so popular in a very short time? 

Well, the SANDBOX is a platform open for everyone, especially for gamers, creators, investors, with one word, everybody! Yes, it's an open metaverse but what does make SANDBOX so unique that differs from the other metaverses?

Well, otherwise than buying plots of land, playing to earn crypto and NFTs, the SANDBOX offers some unique specifics that made break-through in the crypto marketplace. It offers a stake-holding program where the stakers can participate in DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) where they can exercise their vote in the key decisions on the Sandbox ecosystem. So when you stake SAND on the platform, you could take a part of their ecosystem and be one of the deciders about the platforms' upgrade. It's like taking part in a world, where your actual vote matters? Isn't that great?

Another thing that makes the Sandbox different, is that the platform itself offers its own Creator,  and that is an application where creators and users can create their own digital assets in an NFT, upload them in the marketplace, save them for their own purposes, and etc. But wait, this isn't even the best part of it.

The most awesome thing about the Sandbox is that you can download The Sandbox Game Maker. You can take a guess about what this could be even from the name, right? If you thought of an application where you can create your own game, you're goddamn right! The Sandbox Game Maker is an application which the platform offers and it is used to create your own game where you can use the NFTs you've created and make it even better!


Of course, to upload and run it on the platform, you'll need a piece of land where you could actually put your own creation, and in order to buy one you need LANDs, and they are ERC-721 utilized tokens that represent the physical parcels of the Sandbox metaverse. The total number of LANDs, based on the platform's map, is 166,464 LANDS (408*408). Also, it is good to mention that the owner of a LAND in the Sandbox could be multiple persons.

There are already plenty of events, tasks, and everything that offers the users a good time, or if you're not into that, currencies, but one of the greatest that is currently running is the Sandbox Alpha Pass. The Alpha Pass is an NFT (pretty expensive one I'd say, but hey, high stakes-high rewards) which you could use to explore the inside of the platform and to earn unique rewards. You could buy on OpenSea or wherever you find one, and you could use it in this game's season to earn some really exciting rewards! If you have already taken an interest in it, I'd say, don't hesitate yourself! (Not investment advice, just to make myself clear)

So, that would be the key characteristics of the Sandbox, and if you want to explore this enormous world, you need to experience it! It's open to everyone!

Update: The first Sandbox Alpha Pass is currently closed. But don't be disappointed yet, the platform announced that there are going to be much more, so stay tuned to their official social accounts!

Stay tuned folks, more metaverses are upcoming, and have a nice day!

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Welcome to the Metaverse!
Welcome to the Metaverse!

In this blog, we are going to take deeper dive into the Metaverse, where we can see what kind of opportunities we can find it there, what kind of virtual world is it, and the best part, how can we earn cryptos by only playing games!

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