Metaverse in MIR4

Hello folks, it's a new year and I think we're ready to get familiar with new opportunities and upcoming news about the metaverse. 

In today's article, we're going to review one hell of a giant Metaverse, where the platform combines a whole lot of features, and that is MIR4. 

What is MIR4? What kind of virtual universe is it, and why it's getting famous?

Well, MIR4 is a multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that had been officially online for half a year, which makes the game relatively new.

Unlike the previously written metaverses, where you can get an avatar, buy and obtain land, be your own community manager or at least have the right to vote for its further development, MIR4 is a lil' bit different. The platform/game has its own virtually created space in and you're able to do tasks in order to make progress. But this should be a simple game, right? Why is it even related to real-life currency value?

Well, until we make it to that, let's say a word or two about the game. MIR4 is a MMORPG game, where the users are set to choose an in-game avatar that is finding the best option in order to obtain progress, leveling-up, improve the avatar's power level, and etc. So, let's explain in the simplest terms, an enormous metaverse with a huge amount of gameplay, and you compete to be the best from all the players out there in each possible way. It's simple, right? 

Joke, it isn't simple at all.

Well, unlike the rest of the MMORPG games, MIR4 has its own governance token, called DRACO, which is used to trade in between the value of in-game items and avatars and real-life cryptocurrency. It's worth mentioning that staking the token would bring you extra income. 

Another great thing is that earned assets in the game could be traded by the marketplace that is also in the game itself. 

We have to include earnings as an option too since you're able to swap the obtained in-game currency in order to change them for DRACO.

And last but not least, since the game is played by using your avatar, which creating and playing is totally free, you could trade your own avatar for cryptocurrencies by making it in NFT. Sounds cool, right? Well, if this doesn't hype you yet, you need to see the value of an avatar on the official website.

I'll spoil the fun if I start to talk about the game itself. If you ever feel interested in spending time earning and having fun, I'll definitely recommend it. But don't be easy-minded, the game requires time and effort to obtain remarkable progress. 

Little tokenomics:

DRACO is the native cryptocurrency for the game MIR4. It can be bought or obtained through the mining in-game process (not directly) with the total supply of 1B DRACO. It's worth mentioning that the daily limit is set to only be obtained 1M DRACO. By the time of writing the price of 1 DRACO is $0.59 aprox.

And trading DRACO is currently available on WEMIX exchange.


Stay tuned for more upcoming articles, and have a good day folks!

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Welcome to the Metaverse!
Welcome to the Metaverse!

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