We are excited to announce yet another Spawning Pool with one of the hippest projects on the block: Main Street ($MAINST)  

What is Main Street?  

Main Street ($MAINst) is a deflationary token offered on the Binance Smart Chain. The goal of Main Street is to answer the question so often asked, "Why should we hold?". Main Street provides its holders the opportunity to find new tokens in our Neighborhood and Alley, featuring tokens ranging from high use case, to newly listed and unvetted. Combined with the addition of our Main Street shops which will provide entertainment and games, we have created a hub that brings reason and fun to trading cryptocurrency.  

Where Did Main Street Come From?  

The founders of MAINST met as holders of another failed token; The developer had pretty much given up on it. Dragging the holders along with no marketing/use case or even effort. Similar to the RugZombie team, they decided to act. MainStreet is intended to be a central place to help holders and token developers alike get the best ROI possible on their money. Whether that’s through actual investments in concepts and tokens with HIGH USE CASE,  or supplying devs with real eyes/investors to market to instead of bots/scams. Their unique tokenomics reflect this as well.  

Why Select Main Street?  

It is no secret that RugZombie teams like to see #goodzombie behavior in DeFi. The Roadmap of Main Street is unique and provide a way for users on BSC to find high use case tokens.  

Particularly, we are looking forward to their shops and growing their ecosystem, and hope to utilize their services when it comes to managing social media channels for our growing project. This is just the beginning for Zombie x Main Street!  

About the NFT  

The NFT was commissioned by @zombaes. If you liked our Defi100 or Euler.Tools NFTs, you are going to love it. He specializes in undead themed artwork and is the patron saint of Zombies.  

The NFT will require 45 days to earn, and will be considered Legendary.  

About the Pool  

The pool will be active for 90 Days. Please note that NFT minting will be shut off at that time. Time to MINT the NFT will be 45 days, which means you must be in the pool for at least half the time. If you deposit into MAINST pool on Day 45 or later, you may not receive the NFT because the timer is set to expire upon 90 days.  

You are free to deposit and withdraw at any point in the pool, but the NFT is rewarded only to those who meet the timer criteria. Withdrawing any amount of your stake will reset your timer, so be careful.  

Just as our GRAVES have withdrawal timers, our SPAWNING POOLS also have these timers to incentivize long-term staking. Harvesting your reward of $MAINST tokens will not adversely affect your NFT timer in any way.  

As MAINST is a deflationary token, their unique tokenomics (reflection, tax and burn etc) will grow the value of your MAINST over time. You can figure out whether it is better to harvest often/strategically to accrue more MAINST or not.  

Zombie On, and welcome to the land of the living!

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Emperor Zombietine
Emperor Zombietine

Irreverent, Christian and Boundlessly optimistic.

RugZombie Official
RugZombie Official

Bringing your rugged tokens back from the dead. Welcome to RugZombie, the first resurrected-value focused crypto on the Binance Smart Chain. While RugZombie cannot prevent or predict the exposure of the public to “rug pulled” or “scammed” tokens, it is our mission to provide a value for the victims of rug pulled projects in a cathartic way, while offering actual utility on the Binance Smart Chain.

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