Rui Pinto - the prisoner who led to the expulsion of Man City from Champions League
Rui Pinto - the prisoner who led to the expulsion of Man City from Champions League

By DimitarM | Welcome to my life | 16 Feb 2020

Football Leaks hacker Rui Pinto is the man who really has the biggest credit for what happened on Friday night, namely the ban of Manchester City from the Champions League for two years. However, this is hardly a consolation for Pinto, who continues to be imprisoned since March 2019, awaiting trial on the 150 charges he has been charged with hacking, sabotage and fraud.


Back in 2015, from his home in Portugal, Pinto managed to break into the club's emails. He released what he learned to the media, which did not fail to distribute it, and in fact, that is why football authorities began the detailed investigations on City's finances.

Football fans all over the world praise Pinto for what he did, but that did not touch the authorities who arrested the hacker and sent him to prison. He has been there since March, awaiting the Lisbon court's decision. He himself has always said that he did not make it for money, but in the name of justice and fair play of the game he loved.

Following the news of City's elimination from the Champions League, Pinto's name has become one of Twitter's flagship hashtag #freePinto ("release Pinto"). Borussia Dortmund's fans even raised a banner during their match with Eintracht, urging authorities to drop the charges and release Pinto.

Football Leaks was created in 2015 to expose all football violations from star's tax evasion to clubs that violate financial fair play rules.

Pinto said there were nearly 70 million documents and 3.4 terabytes of information, acknowledging that he was aware of the risks of what he was doing.

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Welcome to my life
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