Indigocoin - the most obvious scam, I've seen for a while

Indigocoin - the most obvious scam, I've seen for a while

By DimitarM | Welcome to my life | 23 Jan 2020


So, I was checking my Facebook this morning and saw this advertisement for a website for cloud mining -


Of course they are promising free mining speed to mine multiple coins. And you can be getting more and more speed if you return to their website each other. Also, there is referral program that grants you even more free mining speed for each person that signs under your link. That's a classic scheme to fool the people, which has been done thousands of times before.

There are several plans to choose from if you want to invest.



The idea here is that they are offering you some "free speed" and you will see some crypto gains. At some point you will reach the withdrawal minimum and you will be told to select a paid plan so you can withdraw what you earned so far.

On other hand, please see this:


They did not even bother to create a "fake" list with withdrawals. At least put that effort when you want to cheat the users...

And then is coming the 2nd and biggest red flag:


Their partners include: 

Bitcoin - who???? Who from Bitcoin...??? Bitcoin is a currency, there is no company behind it. It cannot partner with anyone.

Dash - ??? Who from Dash????? Same as Bitcoin.

Bitconnect - are YOU KIDDING ME? For whoever doesn't know or remember Bitconnect was one of the first big scam platforms that lost tons of money to people. They had thousands of clients lending money in their platform in their BCC coin that had value of few hundreds of USD at the time. At some point Bitconnect announced that they are closing the lending platform. And the BCC coin list 99.99% of it's value, just in few days in plummeted to cents. People lost multiple millions.

So, if someone reading this is not following - GUYS, DO NOT INVEST ANY MONEY AND TIME IN SUCH PLATFORMS.

I'm just trying to help you protect yourself and your hard earned money.





I really enjoy Publish0x!

Welcome to my life
Welcome to my life

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