How to add any token to your Metamask

By DimitarM | Welcome to my life | 21 Feb 2022

In continuation of the topic of hidden tokens to your Ethereum wallet, here is how you can add any existing token to show in your Metamask wallet. Once you identified the token you want to add from the Blockchain explorer:


Just go ahead and click on it. In our example, I will pick this AIR token. It's a scam, but for the purpose of demonstration will it show you how you can add it to your wallet. You will see the page of the token like this:


You need the information in the "Profile Summary" section on the right. Then open your Metamask and scroll to the bottom and select import tokens:


Copy the contract ID from the Explorer page and paste it in the field "Token Contract Address":


At this point the wallet will recognize the "Token Symbol" and "Tolen Decimal" and you won't need to do anything else but click "Add Custom Token" button and it will prompt you for confirmation:


After you click import tokens you will be able to see them in the list in your wallet:


If, however, you wouldn't like to see any token at some point, because it is a scam or any other reason you can click on the little arrow on the right and open its page. Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner and select "Hide <token name>"(in my case "Hide AIR"). This way it will not show in your list:


This works exactly the same way on other Blockchains - Ethereum for example. I just have no tokens to import there :) But on the bellow screenshot you can see that the same information is under "Profile summary" on the token page and it will be added in the same manner in Metamask if you try:


Happy "treasure hunting" guys :)



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Welcome to my life
Welcome to my life

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