From Zero to Hero - How to start with Bitcoin and Crypto with Zero investment. Part 1

By DimitarM | Welcome to my life | 17 Aug 2019

I decided to create a short guide on how a person can start collecting bitcoin the easy way without investing any of his own money into it.

All of those are legit websites that can be used in order to collect bitcoin. The following accounts are needed:

1) Coinbase: Exchange where you can sell/buy cryptos(Bitcoin).

2) Free Bitcoin wallet from Blockchain

3) Revolut account. This is your virtual bank with free Debit card. (Any virtual Bank would work).

4) MicroWorkers account. A website that offers multiple micro tasks that is proven to pay. (There is multiple websites like this one - Amazon MTurk and others, but I have only experience with this one).

5) PayPal account. That's where you withdraw the money from the Microworkers.

Once you create all the accounts, make sure you connect your accounts as follows:

Revolut to PayPal

Revolut Debit Card to Coinbase


The steps to follow are these:

a) Go on MicroWorkers and start completing tasks, once you reach the minimum withdrawal of 10$(or more) you can pull the money to your PayPal.

b) From there you can transfer the money to the Revolut account. Once it's loaded with 10 or more USD you will be able to order for free the Revolut VISA or MasterCard debit card.

c) You connect the debit card to Coinbase and with the money in it, you can purchase Bitcoin(Alternatively you can connect the Revolut Bank account and purchase Bitcoin via SEPA transfers, but I think using the card is cheaper).

d) Once you get your Bitcoin on Coinbase I would suggest transfering to The Blockchain wallet.

This way you will be able to turn the FIAT you are getting from the MicroWorkers to Bitcoin.

I think this is straight forward and is not hard for anyone, expecially with the really easy tasks in MicroWorkers. Yes it require you to complete KYC authentication in Coinbase, PayPal, Revolut and Blockchain, but all of that takes about 1 hour. And ofcourse you could just use the Microworkers, PayPal and Revolut to spend the FIAT if you need to.

But my advise is, buy BTC and HODL!!!

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Welcome to my life
Welcome to my life

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